The Long Weekend in Pictures (part one)

I really don’t have the time to upload all of the pictures that I want to upload in just one post, so it’ll have to be done in two. Suffice to say that Sunshine and I had an absolutely amazing weekend in every way possible. It was like our own little vacation at the end of the summer.

Here’s how it went…

I arrived late on Thursday night. In the morning I took Sunshine to work and then the girls and I head back to the apartment. After chillaxin’ in front of the boob-tube for the morning, we went to pick Sunshine up and grabbed some lunch at the local mall food court.

While waiting for Sunshine, Mo wanted to show me her "unhappy face". The kid does this on command and is quite proud of her acting ability. She's got a future!!
After lunch (and before the girls got their hair cut), we went shopping briefly. Of course, I wouldn't be "me" if I hadn't tried on the pirate hat to see how it fit me. I dunno...I don't really scream out "arrgh". Gonna have to be something different for Halloween.
We arrived just in time to see "Gus" the turtle wondering out back. He usually gets some "grass time" once a day and it's a unique opportunity to see a turtle like this up close and personal.
Gus the turtle is an 88-year-old tortoise that is the "star attraction" at the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, NS. Something I learned: much like trees, you can tell how old a tortoise is by seeing the number of rings in the shells on his back. Yes...I'm fun AND informative!!
I'm not fan of bugs. I'm DEFINITELY not a fan of bees. The museum has a live bee exhibit where they have a place for them to live. I wasn't impressed.
This is the tube that led the bees from their indoor home to the outside world. It really creeped me out.
Seriously...I was not amused.
Wow...that's a big beaver.
Mo wanted me to take a picture with Sunshine.
Mo then wanted to take a picture with me. It was great because she seemed to want to bond with me a little more over the weekend. This was just one example and I was really stoked knowing that she wanted to bond with me, and not me trying to bond with her. She's such a sweetheart...much like her mom.
Sunshine had told her girls during their previous trip to the museum that they could pick out a toy on their next trip. Well...the inexpensive toys kinda sucked so they both ended up getting big ol' stuffed snakes. You can tell Sunshine was THRILLED with the purchase. Heh...
The girls went back to their dad's on Friday night, at which point Sunshine and I both prepared for our long-weekend together. On Saturday morning our first stop was at our favorite location, the Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market.
We then went to get wraps from the "singing chef" at Wrap So D, Chef Darren Poirier. Honestly...this guy makes the most amazing wraps you've ever had. He can make up to 8 personalized wraps and/or omelettes at a time and believe me when I say it's totally worth the wait. If you're lucky, he's in a great mood and will sing some fun, cheesy 90's songs (Backstreet Boys, anybody?). This is our new "must-stop-spot" when we're at the Market.

Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

Wrap So D on Facebook

Just how good are these wraps? LOOK AT ME!!
After the market we made the two-hour trip to Kejimkujik National Park. Sunshine had been there multiple times before but this was a first for me. It was an absolutely spectacular day and I was really looking forward to a great day outdoors (which is unusual for

Kejimkujik National Park

Honestly...I don't know if these pictures really do the scenery justice. There are mutliple hiking trails at Kejimkuji (more commonly called "Keji") and because Sunshine had been there before, she helped decide which trails we'd take. She did an awesome job, because the scenery and the trails were absolutely fantastic. It's funny...I normally have a very difficult time motivating myself to do anything "outdoors" but when I'm with her I just can't wait to get out and do things.
Kejimkujik National Park: 09-03-11
We took quite a few of these portrait pics of ourselves over the weekend. I think we were due. And hey...we look good together!!
I love taking pictures of Sunshine. It's like every new picture helps me fall in love with her all over again.

Kejimkujik Hiking Trail Guide

Kejimkujik National Park: 09-03-11
Kejimkujik National Park: 09-03-11
C' you actually think we're serious ALL of the time?
One of the spots Sunshine really enjoyed was the beach at Keji. On this day it was absolutely gorgeous and there was barely anyone there. As much as she wanted to go swimming (something I wasn't too keen on doing myself), she didn't feel comfortable going in the water and being the ONLY one on the beach to do so. She wishes she went now.
They even had a sign saying that the water was warmer than the air (!!), but Sunshine ultimately decided to just dip her toes in and we called it a day before moving on. Although I have to admit that eating lunch at a picnic table on a beautiful beach on a gorgeous day was pretty awesome. With just a hint of breeze blowing, you couldn't ask for a better moment.
Okay...I think "planking" is one of the dumbest effin' trends I've ever seen. It's stupid. REALLY stupid. As Sunshine and I were walking along this plank-walkway, I thought maybe it'd be ironic and a bit cool to go "planking on a plank". As soon as Sunshine laid down and I snapped this picture, I immediately asked her to get up because she looked silly (lol). I just don't get it. It's ridonkulous!!
This would be a picture taken literally minutes after we came up with the GREATEST IDEA EVER!! Well...we love the idea, anyway. We'll be telling you all about it in a couple of weeks...but until then just know that we were beside ourselves with smugness at just how incredibly awesome we were.
Kejimkujik National Park: 09-03-11
I love this pic of us. She's absolutely beautiful.
We pulled into the Port Mouton Bay Cottages around suppertime and were really (no...REALLY) impressed with the cottages themselves. This was a GREAT choice, Sunshine!!

Port Mouton Bay Cottages

I really don't know if my pictures (or the pictures on their website) truly do these cottages justice. They seemed to be small, rinky-dink cottages on the outside...five of them all lined-up next to each other...but once inside, we were blown away. These cottages had satellite TV, WiFi, multiple fans in each room, two bedrooms with double-sized beds, a propane fireplace, a dvd player, a full kitchen, a small patio overlooking the water, and even a BBQ!! Really...we couldn't have been happier with staying here.
This was the view from the back deck. We ended the day with a few drinks while watching "50 First Dates"...a fun end to an unbelievable day.

And the most amazing thing? This is only HALF of the weekend!!

See you tomorrow!!