Planes, more planes, & an automobile


Somewhere over Quebec at approximately 35,000 feet – 04/08/09, 11:02am EST

I’m not a big fan of flying.  I never have been.  I think it has gotten worse, though, since 9/11.  But my fears don’t come from the possibilities of being hijacked.  No, my fears are only from the take-offs and landings.

I envision rolling off the runway during take-off.  I fear just dropping out of the sky as it makes its decent.  For whatever reason, I’m perfectly fine once I’m up in the air.  Even turbulence doesn’t really bother me too much.  But for whatever reason, going up and coming back down just kills me.


I’m in the air at the moment on the way to Toronto.  I’m about an hour into the flight…watching Cloverfield on my loaner company laptop.  Just thought I’d blog about my fears in an effort to confront them. 

I don’t know if it’s working.  Oh look…a big scary monster!  Explosions!  Something shiny… 

Pearson Airport, Gate 91 – 04/08/09, 1:52pm EST

I’ve got a two-hour layover here in Toronto.  It’s not really that big of a deal, especially when I can just plug-in my laptop and either browse the internet or watch another movie.  

Since I have zero desire to dish out $12 just for a couple of hours of internet time (I can get that for free at the hotel), I’ve decided to watch a movie I haven’t seen in awhile: The Italian Job.

Mmmmm…Charlize Theron.  Yummy.  

Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron

Ummmm…where was I?

Oh yeah…

So I had a quick bite after checking through customs where they stamped my boarding pass and not my passport.  That’s odd, isn’t it?. I just grabbed a pepperoni pizza slice and a Coke.  It was alright for five bucks.

So now I stare at the clock while Marky Mark battles Ed Norton for bars and bars of gold.  It’s almost 2 o’clock. 

And the minutes suddenly decide to slow down.  I really should face AWAY from the clock on the wall.


Somewhere over Indiana at approximately 34,000 feet – 04/08/09, 3:02pm CST

I’m a little disappointed in my work laptop.  In the middle of The Italian Job, everything slowed down and the movie became unwatchable.  I thought it might have been the battery, but I was plugged-in at the time.  So I let the computer recharge before boarding on my VERY empty flight (only 9 passengers, which is awesome because I love having two tiny seats to myself).

I tried watching Oceans 13, but the results were the same.  Every time I ejected the disc, it would play JUST PERFECTLY before ejecting. 


So I decided to read the Globe & Mail while listening to the iPod.  My understanding is that we’re going to arrive in St. Louis a little earlier than expected, which is fine with me.  That means I’ve got more time to get to the hotel, check in, and head out to the ball game.

My Texans cap
My Texans cap

Much like when I visited Houston a couple of years ago, I plan on picking up a ballcap as my souvenir of choice.  I’m a little concerned, though.  My Houston Texans cap is white with blue and red on it…very easy to match with most outfits.

The St. Louis Cardinals have outfits that have a lot of red in them.  LOTS of red.  I’m hoping to find a cap that’s a little different…or maybe I’ll pick up a Rams cap instead.  I dunno.  I guess I’ll play it by ear.

Can I say that my in-flight stewardess is a little on the attractive side?  Even with the unattractive “bun” that she has her hair in, the skirt/boots combo is working for her.  Mmmmm…I love a woman who wears a skirt and boots that go up to her knees.  “Hooker boots” to some, “F*ck me boots” to others. 

Either way…they’re hot.

Actually, one of the two stewardesses on the last flight was pretty hot, too.  I’ve actually always wondered how they decide who is flying where and on what planes?  Like, do you start at the tiny 20-seater with only 9 passengers on it (much like this one) and then graduate to cross-ocean jumbo jets?  Or is it based on pulling straws out of a hat?  I mean, nobody seems to be that happy flying a tiny plane with nobody on it…or do they?

Marriott St. Louis Airport
Marriott St. Louis Airport

Marriott Airport St. Louis, Room 3093 – 04/08/09, 5:10pm CST

I am NOT happy right now.  I’ve been spending spare time during the day trying to get my internet connection to work on this stupid business laptop.  So not only can I not play movies now, but I can’t connect to the internet, either. 


I contacted our help desk and asked them what was going on.  I had plugged-in to some random room at work before I left just to make sure everything was working properly.  Apparently, I needed something installed on the computer so it could be used outside of work.


I told them that the laptop seemed to have things installed already and that it was just asking me for a username and a password.  No…it appears as though I needed to install something for that username and password to work.  They sent it to me already in an email.


I’m trying to not freak-out now.  I was relying on being able to access work-related files for tomorrow’s meeting.  Now I’ll have to rely on nothing but paper invoices.


The “help desk” eloquently told me that I should have installed the program before I left.  That probably wasn’t the best thing to say to me since I was just given the laptop with ZERO instructions on this matter.  I lost my temper at her for being so idiotic.


So now it’s 5:10pm and the baseball game starts at 7:15pm.  I’m trying to decide what I want to do.  I didn’t realize the airport was 30-minutes away from the downtown area.  I was told that I’ll have to hop back to the airport and jump on a metro-rail.  My fear, though, is that the metro won’t be in service when the game is over.

F*ck it.  I’m in St. Louis, Missouri…probably won’t ever come back…I need to get the hell out of my hotel room and make the most of it.  I’ll worry about stapling 1,000 sheets when I’ve had a couple of beer and it’s midnight.

And hey…you know what?  At least my room is swanky.  Check out this king-size bed!!

Room 3093

Yeah…I decided that I was quite happy with the room.

Not too shabby...

On the way out the door to head back to the airport, I noticed that the Marriott had a frickin’ Starbucks on site!!

Frickin' Starbucks!! On site!!!

Yeah…I think the trip is going to take a turn for the better.