Sunshine with Sunshine

It’s funny how reading other blogs can inspire thoughts in your own head. I was reading last night about a trip to Florida made by one of my favourite bloggers, QT Mama. Her tales of fun times in the sunshine made me think about fun times with Sunshine. More specifically, future fun times with Sunshine.

I love Florida. I’ve been there about a dozen times over the course of my life, primarily as a kid with my family visiting all of the glorious money pits known as theme parks. My wish has always been to visit Florida as an adult in a romantic way…strolling through Main Street USA at Disney or enjoying the Jaws ride at Universal or standing in a room being completely surrounded by sharks at Sea World…all the while holding hands and enjoying life with the woman of my dreams.

Nothing would make me happier than to be able to do this with Sunshine one day. I have a sense that she would enjoy things almost as much as I would (well…almost).

I have extra incentive now, too. Why? Well, I went on a trip with The Ex down to Florida almost four years ago. This trip was supposed to be “the one” that I’ve been dreaming about. She was newly pregnant and my parents had foot the bill for the trip. Sounds fantastic, right?


We were on a very big downward spiral in our relationship during this time. We could fake happiness when out in public, but were almost always down each other’s throats once behind the closed hotel door. Needless to say, this trip was not the romantic fun journey I had dreamed it would be.

So that’s my extra incentive. The last trip I made to Florida was on very unhappy terms. I don’t want that as a lasting memory. I want to have the memory that I know I can have…the one that I deserve.

Sunshine is the one to do that with. I know that we’d have an amazing time together and our experience would be everything we could ever want and more. As cheesy as it may sound, I want to enjoy the sunshine with Sunshine.

It’s funny to say that, because I’m not really that much of an outdoor person. AT ALL. I’m not much of a beach person or a sun person or anything like that. But I would TOTALLY hit the beach in Florida if Sunshine was by my side.

So that’s my thought process today…that’s my daydream. And this is why I love reading blogs…when you randomly read through your favourites, you just never know when you’ll come across something that totally inspires you to write a blog post of your very own.