The Long Weekend in Pictures (part two)

Wow…quite the pic-filled post yesterday, eh?  Well…today isn’t much different.

We got up at a fairly decent hour and had breakfast. We then packed-up and head out to the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct, which was a "sister location" to the primary Keji park that we went to the day before. This picture was taken during the 30+ minute walk down to the shoreline. The vast majority of the walk was pretty boring because the tall bushes on either side prevented any kind of view. Thankfully, there were a couple of spots available for us to see some of the beauty that surrounded us.

Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct

We finally made our way down to the coastal section of the park. The sands were white and the water was sparkling blue. The sun was shining and I was with the woman of my dreams. was an amazing moment.
Obviously, we decided to pose for a pic or two. How often does one get to take a picture like this with the beautiful rocks and ocean behind you?
What we didn't realize was that this was a home for a number of seals. We saw a couple of them swimming in the waters very close to us and we were quite impressed with just seeing their heads. Then we came upon a spot where we could see them bathing in the sun on a rock just a stone's throw away from us.
Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct: 09-04-11
Sunshine enjoying the view by the ocean. She wanted to jump in that water...TRUST me.
After we were done with the Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct, we decided to drive along the coast on the way back home (i.e. off highway). Just for something to do, we decided to stop in LaHave and take a ferry. It really wasn't much of a short-cut or anything as much as it was just something else for us to say we did. This picture was taken inside the car while waiting for the ferry to go.

Info on LaHave ferry: Here and here.

When bored, simply stick a piece of fruit into your mouth. Isn't that an old saying?
Sunshine took this pic of the ferry as we exited and made our way to Lunenburg.
For a late lunch we stopped in the beautiful town of Lunenburg and ate at The Grand Banker Bar & Grill. While service may not have been the fastest, the food was excellent and the atmosphere was welcoming. Sunshine and I really enjoyed it and I can definitely see us going back.

The Grand Banker Bar & Grill

We went to the Admiral Benbow Gift Shop and I stumbled upon one of the funniest postcards I'd ever seen. Maybe it's funnier because I'm from Nova Scotia and eating lobster is simply a way of life...I dunno. Regardless, I thought this was hilarious.
Before heading home for a quiet evening, we stopped in the gorgeous Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. This pic was taken by Sunshine.
We had Sunshine's girls for the afternoon on Monday and decided to hit a local beach. Chocolate Lake was pretty deserted when we initially got there, but definitely got busy as the afternoon went on.

Chocolate Lake – Halifax, NS

The girls enjoying a snack at the beach. Once they got some swimming out of their system, we got changed and head out to Point Pleasant Park to get some ice cream and walk around a bit more.
The girls enjoyed their ice cream. A LOT.
Mo may have enjoyed her ice cream a bit * too * much. Heh...
Point Pleasant Park: 09-05-11
As some of you may know, Sunshine used to home-school her girls. It was fun to stand back and watch her become a teacher again. She talked about different berries and what they looked like and how they grew. The girls had a ton of questions and Sunshine knew most of the answers. We stopped at nearly every single blackberry bush in the park, but it was cool to watch her and the girls...almost like being in an outdoor classroom.
I only include this because I took it and I think it's pretty awesome.
These girls really are awesome.

And with that we ended the afternoon by taking the girls back to their father’s for the evening. After a light supper (of well-earned junk food, if I recall correctly), we collapsed in each other’s arms and concluded our weekend.

This weekend really felt like a well-earned vacation…just the two of us enjoying life. Five nights of bliss.

Jeez…you’d think we were a happy couple or something.