Fun Music Fridays!

I don’t know about you, but when I get off work on a Friday I just can’t wait to jump in the car and crank up some music.

Whether I’m off to pick up The Ankle-Biter (as is the case today) or if I’m off to spend the weekend with Sunshine, music can totally set me free and get me ready for whatever lay ahead after a long work week.

So to get me geared-up for another weekend, I’ve found some music to get me into the summer spirit:

One of my all-time favorite songs to crank up on a hot, summer day…

I may not be a “little monster”, I can still appreciate a great pop song from a very talented artist when I hear it…

With a catchy hook like this, how can you NOT want to turn it up?

This has been one of my favorite songs for a few months now. Just can’t seem to get it off of my regular iPod rotation…

Sometimes…some days…I’m just a little bit country…

And you can’t have some summer music without a favorite of Sunshine’s…

Whatever your musical tastes, I hope you end up having a great weekend! Make the most with what you have!

My Favorite Stuff of 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, I just thought I’d reflect on some of the things that stayed with me…

1. P!nk at the Grammys. Yeah…I know…this wasn’t really “news” or anything, but I gotta be honest: this was one of the most incredible performances I’ve ever seen.  It was like Cirque de Soleil mixed in with a bit of naughtiness and eloquence in addition to an amazing vocal all at the same time. I’m a HUGE fan of P!nk and this only solidified my crush on her.  Oh…and she was SMOKIN’ HOT, too!!

Watch the video HERE.

2. George Washington’s overdue library books. What…you didn’t hear about this??  Apparently, Washington signed out two books back in 1789 and forgot to return them.  With the inclusion of inflation over the years, the late fine would be around $300,000.  Fortunately, the New York Society Library didn’t want payment for the books…they just wanted them returned.

3. Captain Phil Harris of “Deadliest Catch” passed away. I’m a huge fan of Deadliest Catch and it came as a huge shock to find out that Captain Harris passed away while filming last season’s episodes.  While he wasn’t my favorite captain, he was a straight shooter and…above all else…he was a loving father who did whatever he could to show his sons a better way of doing things. He may be gone but he’ll never be forgotten by those who enjoyed his ‘no bullshit’ attitude and good-ol-boy sense of humor.

Hot Cuts

4. The first topless hair salon opened in Australia. Hey guys (and some of you ladies)…wouldn’t you like to actually ENJOY getting your hair cut?  Well, travel on down to Hot Cuts in Sydney and you’ll be able to get your hair styled by beautiful, topless hairdressers.  Hair stylists?  Hair ho’s?  C’mon…this story is so ridiculous it’s awesome!  I mean…how long will this place actually stay open?  A year, maybe?  Is this really what the world has been waiting for??  I just don’t see the attraction of a topless hair salon.  Okay…I might actually see the attraction, but it’s not like I’m going to grow my hair out just to go there or anything.

5. Lady Gaga talented…weird…likes meat. Listen…I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy some of Lady Gaga’s songs.  I’m also going to admit that when she wants to, she can be a very attractive woman.  But people…this chick is F*CKED UP.  I know she wants to be a trend-setter and be the new-age Madonna and everything, but do you really need to wear a meat dress in order to make that happen?  Can you not just be slightly weird and then let your talent speak for itself?  I dunno…it’s interesting and all, but at the end of the day will she want her ridiculousness to over-shadow her talent?  It might get to the point where nobody takes her seriously anymore.

6. Lost ended with a giant “meh”. I don’t know if I was one of those people who felt like I had wasted five years of my life watching every episode of every season, but count me as one of those people who was kinda let down with the ending of the series.  Sideways storylines?  Meeting in the afterlife?  It was all real but it wasn’t?  I was hoping for more bang for my buck, but I guess I got what I paid for.

7. It was cool to like Bret Michaels again. Kinda. Listen…I’m a Poison fan from WAAAAY back, so forgive me if I was just a bit happy to know that I could listen to Talk Dirty To Me one more time without feeling a ton of guilt about it. Between his battling illness and then winning The Apprentice and then having yet another reality tv show, this was the year of Bret Michaels.  Kinda.  Let’s just say that 2010 was probably the best and worst year of Michaels’ life.

8. Man v Food. I can’t tell you the hours of joy that this show has brought me in 2010.  It’s totally wrong on so many levels, but I don’t care.  I have fun pretending to have my own battles with food.  Hell…I even ate a large calzone while out with Sunshine and, once devoured, I made her take a picture of me doing the “man won” sign:

In this battle of man vs food...MAN WON!!

I know…it’s sad but true.

So what about you?  What stuck out for you in 2010?