Thank you!!!

When visiting Sunshine last weekend, I was given a package to open up. Inside was something that not only stuck with me for the entire weekend, but has stuck with me throughout the entire week.

Cruisin’ Tam is a blog reader who I’ve connected with via here, Twitter, and Facebook.  She’s been really helpful when talking about cruising (hence her name) and also about “surviving” a Relay for Life event (her sister succumbed to cancer).

What I didn’t realize, though, is just how big of a heart she had.

When I opened the package, I saw this…

Tammy…I can’t thank you enough for this.  It’s really an extremely special gift that I’ll always keep and treasure. You’re a wonderful person with a huge heart.

Thank you!!

Thank you

Y’know, it’s a day like yesterday when I am just so thankful to have started blogging a couple of years ago. I’d just like to say THANK YOU for all of your very kind and thoughtful comments yesterday and for helping to make me feel unbelievably cared for.

I haven’t heard anything new from my dad, so unfortunately I don’t have any update to pass along to you.

It’s just nice to know that so many people care.  It really means the world to me.

I love this thing we call the “Blogosphere”.  I really do.




Just got off the phone with my dad.

Mom got another CATscan yesterday and was marked for her radiation treatments. They called back this morning and asked if she could go in for her first treatment this afternoon instead of next week.

The idea is that she’ll get five radiation treatments over the course of five days on each of her tumors.

She’s back on steroids to help reduce the internal swelling. She’s been given pain/stomach medication to reduce her pain and reduce her vomiting.

We’ll know more about her brain tumor next week, but that’s the situation as of today.

Never Taking It For Granted

I’ve been catching up on my episodes of Deadliest Catch and the biggest ongoing storyline is the one surrounding Captain Phil and his two sons, Jake and Josh.

Y’see…for those unaware, Captain Phil Harris passed away near the end of filming this past season from complications after having a major stroke.  As I’m watching these episodes, it’s really hitting home that you never can take it for granted.  What’s “it”?

LOVE, friends.

So as I enjoy this long weekend and spend the day with Ankle Biter (I’m a Canuck working American holidays…hence getting today off), I’m reminded to never forget to tell him that I love him.  I’m reminded to tell my mom and dad that I love them.  I’m reminded to tell my friends just how much they mean to me.

You never know what’s going to happen in life. NEVER take the good things for granted.

Never underestimate the kindness of strangers (or those you don’t know very well)

I honestly wasn’t sure how yesterday was going to turn out. When I realized that I needed $250 to book the cheapest flight possible to bring my daughter down to visit me for two weeks in August, I jokingly turned to Twitter and asked what body part I should sell.

Kate kinda jokingly said the following:

Now, I really didn’t think much of this at first. However, as the evening went on I started asking “Why not?”  As I mentioned yesterday, pride takes a distant second to seeing my daughter.

I mentioned my idea to Sunshine on Wednesday night and she thought it wasn’t a bad idea. I honestly…absolutely 100%…didn’t think I’d raise the $250.  I thought people would donate a couple of dollars here and there…maybe $5, maybe $10…and I’d be a lot closer to $250 than I was the day before.

I can’t even begin to adequately explain my shock when I started getting email updates.

It was 1:49pm EST…not even seven hours after posting my plea for a helping hand…when the final donation came in that helped me reach $250.  I updated the blog post and said something on Twitter right away to make sure everybody knew and didn’t continue to send me money.

I was flabbergasted.

So now the flight has been booked for August 11th and she goes back on August 25th…two full weeks of Rugrat awesomeness!  And what’s even better is that her trip coincides with my one-week vacation with Ankle Biter (while his babysitter is on vacation) and then Sunshine & her two girls will be coming to visit for a few days.  So all in all, August is now going to be a tremendous month for so many reasons.

And I have all of you to thank.  Even those who couldn’t afford to donate, your kindness  on Twitter or in the blog post comments did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  As cheesy as it sounds, it truly IS the thought that counts.  And the fact that you took the time to write me about wanting to donate but being unable to financially meant just as much to me as if you did donate.

Okay…I feel like I’m rambling now.  The bottom line is that I’m humbled and so very appreciative for the kindness of others…some of whom I really wish I knew better…and my face is beginning to hurt from all of the smiling I’ve done over the past 24 hours.

So I guess all  really want to say is…