Biel, butts, break-ups, & bad days.

The world, my friends, is a crazy place…

  1. Vince Returns!!  C’mon…you all know this guy. He wanted to make America skinny one slap at a time.  He even said that we’re going to love his nuts.  Sheer brilliance.  Hell, I’ve actually GOT a Slap Chop that Sunshine gave to me for a Christmas gift once.  Well, the dude is back.  And at first, I wasn’t even 100% certain this commercial was even real. After a viewing or two, though, it appears to be legit. And even if it isn’t, it’s just good to have Vince back. 
  2.  Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are engaged.  I didn’t even though they were dating again, to be honest.  The last I heard, JT was banging Mila Kunis after the filmed “Friends With Benefits” together (which, by the way, is a GREAT movie…Sunshine and I watched it over the holidays and enjoyed it a lot). Hell..didn’t they officially break up back in March? I’m going to assume that Timberlake finally grew up and decided that banging a billion hot chicks like Rihanna and Olivia Munn wasn’t going to bring him the happiness that the love of a great woman can provide. It’s even better if that great woman has an unbelievably great ass, too.
  3. Okay…so as much as I’m happy for JT and JB, I’m a bit depressed over the failed marriage of Sinead O’Connor. I mean, she broke up with her husband after only EIGHTEEN DAYS of marriage (crack is a helluva drug, kids). You’d think that she’d been taking taking lessons from that no-talent dipshit Kim Kardashian or something.  But luckily, Sinead found love once more with her husband and things are back on. What brought them back together? How about an evening of hot, amazing sex?  Well good for her. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…nothing helps a three week old marriage more than a night of steamy lovemaking.
  4. Don’t tease me like this. I initially saw the pic and was absolutely giddy until I read the fine print.  Sigh… 
  5. Here’s a lesson, guys…NEVER set yourself up for failure. And if you do, DON’T do it in a public place.  And if you do, MAKE SURE SHE’S GOING TO SAY “YES”!!!! 
  6. Donald Trump recently said that the contestants on his new version of Celebrity Apprentice were “competitive” and “really smart”. I don’t know about you, but those are the first words that pop into my head whenever I see the names Lou Ferrigno, Clay Aiken, and Arsenio Hall.  Don’t ask me to go over the entire list, though…I literally recognize about five or six names out of the entire cast.  Wait…Arsenio Hall is still alive???  Okay…I might end up watching just to see if that’s true or not.  Damn…talk about  a career that got flushed down the toilet. What the hell happened to him, anyway?