5 thoughts on “Contact me…

  1. Hey, just found your website by chance … you spoke about doing the Sydney Harbour “Bridgeclimb”? This would be ideal for a vertigo sufferer, because when I did it I didn’t get any sense of danger at all. This is because the massive beams you walk on are so wide, you can’t see over the edge properly. You end up more entranced by the “steel cathedral” around you.

    So, conversely, for thrill seekers (no I’m not one), I wouldn’t recommend it very much. One last tip: Make sure to keep some spending money aside, because some tourists get sticker shock when they find out the price.

  2. too funny you’re from Moncton. I’m from Sackville. (originally). I started blogging this month, after a visit home to help me deal with being so homesick. The ironic thing is the few blogs I’ve found that I’m interested in are from people from NB- and I only discovered that AFTER I read other stuff in their blogs!

  3. Great Blog, Canadian Bald Guy. I am in a very similar situation and just happened to stumble on this while looking for long distance parenting advice. I understand the pain all too well. I’ll check back to this from time to time

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