What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure? – Late 90’s Boy Bands

I’m a rocker at heart. I’m also a guy who used to be a club DJ back in the 90’s, so I learned to appreciate an entirely different genre of music: dance-pop. I can’t lie…there are still times when I listen to the occasional Backstreet Boy song.

What’s YOUR Guilty Pleasure? – Late 90’s Boy Bands



@JannArden, shamrock shakes, & my fat ass

Just wanted to throw out a weekend wrap-up on a few things…

1. I had an interesting tweet conversation with Sunshine on Twitter recently. I had mentioned that I was watching one of my guilty pleasures, Mantracker, and it was an episode I hadn’t seen before (turns out it was, afterall). Fortran had mentioned that he thought all of the episodes had been shown on U.S. television when Sunshine decided to pipe in with:

At this point I felt the need to tweet that she has her favorites and I’ve got mine…

Sunshine’s favorite singer is Jann Arden.  I need to state categorically right now that I certainly don’t mind Arden’s music.  Is it my ideal sound to crank up when I’m driving around town?  No…but I’m quite familiar with her music and have been for quite some time.

In fact, here is one of my favorite Jann Arden songs:

Good stuff, right?  ANYWAY…Sunshine had a pretty amusing reply:

We were both pretty entertained by this series of tweets (we normally entertain ourselves quite easily, in fact).  And I’ll be honest…I really didn’t think much about adding the “@JannArden” to each tweet that was made.  Turns out, Arden herself happened to be reading the conversation and gave me her thoughts:


Again, let me state that I’ve certainly got NOTHING against Jann Arden or her music.  It was more of an inside joke against Sunshine because she’s such a fan of Arden and was poking fun at my Mantracker man-crush.

Ahhh well.  At the end of the day, it’s all Canadian content so I guess it’s all good.  AMIRIGHT???

2. Speaking of Twitter, I actually decided to send yesterday’s blog post to the official Canadian McDonald’s twitter account (at least I assume that’s what it is).  Obviously, I’m extremely disappointed with the decision to not carry Shamrock Shakes in Canada.  But y’know what?  Twitter can sometimes be a bit more powerful than you’d expect:

Well whadya know?  Spelling notwithstanding, I’m actually kinda impressed.  Doubt it’ll go anywhere, but still…

3. I weighed-in on Wednesday this week, but I didn’t blog about it.  It wasn’t really any major reason, I just had other posts that I wanted to throw up on the blog instead.  I ended up at 215.5lbs…which I’m not really sure is a good thing or a bad thing.

Y’see, the “biggest loser” contest at work is done.  It was done last week, actually.  So last weekend I bought a new digital scale and really, I don’t know for sure if the results are 100% accurate or not in comparison to the other scale from work.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m going to re-post my “biggest loser” weight loss deal next week, once I can make a comparison from the same scale two weeks in a row.

Make sense?  Good…because I weighed myself this morning and was at 217lbs so I need to get my fat ass in gear if I’m ever gonna hit my 200lb target by year end.

4. It’s just been a good Twitter week, I guess.  I had no idea that one of my favorite local radio DJ’s, The Crawdaddy, had started following me.  I was further impressed when he added me to one of his #FollowFriday posts.  So I did what any rock radio listener should do on a Friday afternoon: request a song.

And sure ’nuff…The Crawdaddy came through for me:

Yep…I requested “Nothin’ but a good time”.  Kinda sums it all up, doesn’t it?

Enjoy your weekend!!

My Top 10 Websites of 2009

I recently discussed my favorite blogs of 2009. Obviously, I visit more than just blogs during my internet travels. I figured it’s year-end, might as well make another list, right?

So here they are, my favorite 10 websites of 2009:

1. PostSecret
is the one who turned me onto this particular website. And honestly, if it weren’t for finances, I probably would have gotten a book or two for her for Christmas. This website is a weekly addiction for me now. For those unaware, PostSecret is an ongoing community mail art project in which people mail their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Sometimes these secrets can really hit home, others they can really amuse. Either way the majority of postcards shown are fascinating. Give it a couple of weeks (it’s only updated once a week on Sundays) and try to NOT be addicted.

2. Screen Rant
There are a LOT of entertainment sites out there. For me, though, this one hits all cylinders. Basically, this site scours the internet looking for rumors and stories about upcoming/current/past television shows and movies. If you wanted to know the ins and outs of the movie industry (including movie reviews and box office analysis), then this is the site for you. It’s updated all the time and always includes great links to movie trailers, as well. Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop for movie/entertainment news.

3. FAILblog
You’ve all seen these pics. Somebody does something stupid and the word “FAIL” is imprinted on the photo for the world to see. Well, this site provides examples of that on a daily basis. I absolutely love this site because…well…I guess I don’t really know why. It’s kinda cruel and mean-spirited. Ahh well…that’s just who I am, I suppose. Here are some examples:

4. What Would Tyler Durden Do?
This is an “iffy” pick for me. I mean, most of the time I really love this guy’s sense of humor. Then there are times when he’s calling women fat when, in reality, they’re still more attractive than 90% of “real women” out there (ex: Jennifer Love Hewitt). But still, this site is a daily addiction for me. It’s a site that makes fun of celebrities, but I don’t find it nearly as trashy as TMZ or that Perez douchebag.

5. There, I Fixed It
This website focuses on kludge. What’s that, you ask? Well, kludge is an ill-assorted collection of poorly matching parts that form a distressed whole. Need more info? Just check these out and I’m sure you’ll understand why I love this website:

6. This Is Why You’re Fat
The name of the website says it all, doesn’t it? You want to know why you’re fat? Here are some reasons…

7. KISS Army News
I would have never visited this site repeatedly in 2009 if I hadn’t attended a KISS concert over the summer. I’m not going to go into any long-winded detail about how much I love this band and what this concert meant to me, but suffice it to say that if you wanted to know ANYTHING about KISS or it’s former members, this is the website to visit.

8. Popeater
Call this the “polite TMZ”. This is another entertainment website but they’re actually nice to people (for the most part). I dunno…I just prefer this over the majority of celeb-sites out there.

9. WebUrbanist
WebUrbanist is part of an independent online publishing group that aims to educate and fascinate. They show all things urban: from urban design to subversive art and strange architecture. I remember first being turned onto their site via their look at abandoned cities and then my love of their site just grew exponentionally from there. Truly an amazing site.

10. Cake Wrecks
Quite simply, this is a website that is gallery after gallery of deformed, distasteful, and bizarrely decorated wedding and birthday cakes. Need some holiday examples?

Confessions from a Cubicle

Confessions from a CubicleSometimes I drift off at work a bit. It’s not like I actually fall asleep or anything…I just let my mind wander. But sometimes on a break or during lunch I’ll hear or read something online that sticks with me.  This week has been crazy because Rugrat has been with me, and needless to say my concentration at work hasn’t exactly been 100% because I’m wanting to spend time with my daughter.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had enough downtime during the day at work to actually write down some random comments, but today is the day.

What I usually do is just jot something down and then finish these thoughts once I’m home (hence this being posted on Christmas Eve instead of, say, yesterday). And for whatever reason, people seem to enjoy my random take on the world… 

  • It’s been four days since the season finale of Survivor Samoa and I’m still bewildered and upset. I mean, Natalie won?? Seriously?? I understand that social politics play a major role in games like Big Brother, but it’s a rare occassion when a jury on Survivor is so envious and jaded that they take personal feelings and put them ahead of the end goal: choose the person who outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted everybody else. Russell should have won…hands down. I can’t even fathom those who feel otherwise. I mean, there are those who felt that Natalie was a nicer person and that her riding on Russell’s back was a great strategy. WHAT?? Since when has doing NOTHING been a great strategy?? And that argument holds little to no water because Mick received no votes. I mean, the guy won two immunity challenges and was just as nice and sweet and boring as Natalie was. Russell, however, not only found THREE immunity idols (TWO without having any clue, whatsoever) but was single-handedly the one responsible for the voting out of 90% of everybody else from the very beginning. He ran the show. Period. People don’t like him? That’s fine. Popularity has rarely been a major issue on Survivor. Sure, social politics play a certain aspect…that have to. But snakes win all the time because they, for the most part, play better games. It’s not about who is the most popular or honorable. It’s about who plays the GAME better…and there is zero valid argument out there that says Natalie played a better game than Russell. That’s not to say she didn’t play a good game…riding somebody’s coattails is certainly a valid stategy. But to say that her strategy was better than Russell’s? I just don’t see it.
  • I went out on Friday night with Sunshine to a bar with a few friends of mine from work to hear another friend from work play an acoustic set. I gotta be honest…she wasn’t that good. But that wasn’t the thing that stuck out for me the most. This hole in the wall (and literally…this bar was exactly that) had one of those machines that you pop in a few bucks and get a stuffed animal out of. A little out of place, I guess…but whatever. Upon closer inspection, though, I found that this machine contained a bit more than just stuffed animals. It contained a blow-up doll, a big-ass vibrator, and a porn dvd. Now, this got all of us laughing and we each took a turn throwing away $1 on the off-chance of getting that vibrator…but it got me wondering afterwards just why everything else in there was a stuffed toy. I mean, wouldn’t it be more fun to put a whole bunch of adult toys in there instead? If you’re going to go for it, you might as well go all the way…AMIRIGHT? I dunno…I just found it a bit odd. And no…neither Sunshine or I won.
  • Brittany Murphy was 32 when she passed away on Sunday. That’s way too young for anybody to die. Now, I was never her biggest fan so when I heard the news I just thought, “What a shame” and went on with my day. But then I saw the reactions on Twitter. Then I saw the references to drugs. See, Murphy died due to a heart attack. She has had a documented history of drug issues. People immediately went online and told the world that this is what happened when you did drugs. Perez “I’m a huge f*cking douchebag” Hilton actually had the nerve to not only blame drugs, but to also blame her husband for the death (tasteless, really).  One celebrity actually blamed her weight loss on the heart attack and claimed that Hollywood’s need for rail-thin girls was the reason for the death. In actuality, there isn’t an official cause of death yet (although the coroner initially said that it appeared to be of natural causes). Regardless of what the reasons end up being (they’re awaiting toxicology results so it probably was a combination of prescription drugs…a la Heath Ledger), it just really sucks that so many people felt the need to judge Murphy before all of the details of her death had been researched. Let the poor woman rest for at least 24 hours before tweeting that “drugs kill”. Seriously. It’s something like last Sunday on Twitter that I really get a taste for just how wacked-out and morally inept the general public can be at times. It’s a shame, really. What if it was an accidental overdose? Are you still going to sit back and say that she’s an example for Lindsay Lohan? C’mon…just let the poor woman die in peace. It’s nobody’s business, anyway.
  • Rugrat arrived on Monday without any incident. However, her step-father called me once she was in the air to complain about Air Canada. Y’see, where she’s only 10 (11 next month), there is an unaccompanied minor fee associated with every trip of $100 each way. This is kinda crappy, but it is accepted as required practise until she turns 12. Well, the argument presented to me was that Air Canada’s fee is to pay for an employee to walk my daughter to the terminal and wait for the plane, then walk her from the plane to the terminal to assist with luggage collection (at least that’s what her step-father told me on the phone). Now, Rugrat’s grandmother accompanied her to the terminal and waited for the plane…and then I was there to greet her and pick up her luggage once she landed. So why are we paying this $100 fee? The website states that the fee is mandatory for all children aged 8-11, but her step-father (who’s a good man, by the way) told me that he was already on the phone with Air Canada and was told that because her grandmother was the one accompanying the minor through until the gate, then we should be getting our money back because no service was actually performed. I’m not really on the side of us getting this money back because I think the rules are pretty cut-and-dry, but it’s difficult to justify paying $200 extra on every trip when you’re getting conflicting information from the company itself.
  • It’s funny…when I learned that there wasn’t a real Santa Claus and I told my parents that, my number of gifts reduced dramatically the following year. My little brother told me a few years ago that he didn’t believe anymore and I told him flat out: the day you stop believing is the day your gifts will disappear!! I know it’s wrong, but he at least took my advice for one more year (lol). Rugrat is 11 next month…if she hasn’t stopped believing by now, she probably soon will. I don’t know if I’ll give her the same talk I gave to my little brother, though.
  • Random Esquire wants to motorboat my girlfriend. Is it wrong that I don’t have a problem with that?
  • Is it also wrong that I’m not only REALLY anticipating the 20th season of Survivor in February (it’s the “villains” vs. the “heroes”…as the shows most popular and most hated characters are invited back for one more go-round), but I’m also looking forward to all new episodes of American Idol, Lost, Glee, and Ghost Hunters International? Jeez…you’d think I’d have a life by now or something. Maybe it’s because football is ending soon…
  • Speaking of football, I think I’m going with a New Orleans vs. Indianapolis match-up in the SuperBowl. I just don’t think the Vikings can beat the Saints and there is no other team in the NFC that’s even remotely as good. And on the AFC side? The Colts are simply unparalleled. There are too many “pretty good” teams and not enough “excellent” teams in the AFC, so as long as the Colts continue on their path (even if they lose a game before the end of the regular season) I just don’t see anybody else beating them in the playoffs. In the end, I think the Colts might be SuperBowl champs when all is said and done. But having said that, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me to see the Saints come out on top, either. It’s gonna be a GREAT few weeks of playoff football.

That’s all I’ve got on my mind today. Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday…whatever that holiday may be.


My Top 10 Blogs of 2009

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, but only started on WordPress back in January. In the year since my “re-birth”, I’ve found a great number of fellow bloggers that I follow on a daily basis through my Google Reader. Now, since I’ve been without internet since August (with the exception of my Blackberry and through a bit at work), I don’t get the chance to comment on these blogs nearly as often as I’d like to…and because of that I thought I would break down my favorite Top 10 Blogs of 2009 and give them a little bit of blogger love.

* I’m excluding Sunshine’s awesome blog because let’s face it…I’m a little biased.

So without any further adu, here are my favorite Top 10 Blogs of 2009 (in NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

The Quest for T

1. The Quest for T – I’ve been a fan of Tonya’s since I first became a blogger. She’s truly one of a kind. Her blog can hit deep emotional and personal depths and then jump out into explicit sexual fantasies and exploits. And during the two month separation that Sunshine and I had back in February/March (while we were trying to find ourselves), Tonya became a good friend to me and helped me process some things. She is real, she is genuine, and her blog is always one of the first ones I read every day.

2. QT Mama’s Weblog – Ahhhh QT. I’ve never seen a picture of her but I’m told she’s quite attractive…which makes her blog even more entertaining (heh). She’s got her own nickname for me, which I like. And she’s got a sarcastic wit to her that draws me to her blog like a fly to shit. Although, maybe that’s not the best reference in the world…

3. Random Esquire – RE is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. RE takes awesome pictures of food. RE takes lots of pictures of a dog. RE is quite the character. RE wants to motorboat my girlfriend. What’s not to like?

4. Lady Mama – Lady Mama is a woman who moved from London to Canada a few years ago. She’s a great writer and I’m slightly biased in enjoying her exploits primarily because she’s (kinda) a fellow Canuck. Wait…is she even officially Canadian yet?   Hmmm…that could change things…

Rachel from SingleMomSeeking

5. Single Mom Seeking – Rachel wants the world to know that just because you’re a single parent, it doesn’t mean your life is over.  Plus it’s fun to see her personal life change and develop over time.

6. Memoirs of a Single Mom – Amira has had a really tough year. Her stories normally break my heart and draw me in because she’s such an amazing person. Her heart is massive and her kindness is all-encompassing.  I wish her nothing but the best in 2010 and I’m hopeful that things in her life will make a change for the better sooner rather than later.

Mindy from SingleMomSays

7. Single Mom Says – Mindy, like Amira, has had a really tough year. But what compelled me to continue reading was her unabashed honesty with her feelings. Whether she was in the right or was really off-base, she laid it all out there for the world to read. You don’t get brutal reality of someone’s emotions like that very often.

8. Hot Dads – Yes, I’m totally shilling this blog because I’m now a contributor. According to them, I’m a hot dad. Why in the world WOULDN’T I want to promote that???  But besides that, it’s a pretty slick blog as it gathers views and posts from dads from all across the blogosphere.  If you don’t like one particular blogger, just wait until the next day.  It’s interactive, it’s humorous, and it’s just a fun blog to be a part of.  Yes, I’m biased…but I visited the blog before being asked to participate.


9. Single Mom In The City – Nicole is awesome!  She hasn’t been around too much lately as she’s been really busy moving in with her boyfriend and getting all settled into her new life, but when she writes she’s always an enjoyable read.  And the fact that she’s hot doesn’t hurt.

10. SingleMommyHood – No…this isn’t a blog just for single moms. But it’s created by two single moms who try to bring education and conversation to all parents. Rachel and Dr. Leah are great…and I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Dr. Leah as she gave me some one-on-one advice concerning Rugrat earlier this year, and her reaching out really meant a lot to me. Definitely a one-stop-shop for parenting issues.

And y’know what? There are still a LOT more blogs that I visit on a daily basis that I don’t want to leave off the list (in alphabetical order)…

Adventures of a Single WAHM
Bad Mummy, No Cookie
Cost of Living
Irascible Crayons
Li’l CyndiLu Who?
Mommy Pie
Ms. Single Mama
Nucking Futs Mama

On Wings of Pigs
PT LawMom
Single Parent Dad

Stay At Home Mayhem
When Did I Go From A Kid To A Grown Up?

And of course, there are also some blogs that were my favorites that are either no longer around or just aren’t updated anymore…

Daily Momsense
Depot Dad (hope you’re doing well, Jim!)
Choice Mom Choosing
Half Mum, Half Biscuit
Tales of a Junction Mama

And what’s more is that there are still a LOT more blogs that I read occassionally that aren’t even listed here.  All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty good year for blogging in general.  Really, blogging is something that has taken a mind of it’s own and there are more blogs out there than you can shake a stick at (y’know…if you really felt the need to shake a stick at a blog….which is kinda weird…just sayin’).

Have you got a golden gem that isn’t mentioned here? Do you have a blog that you’d like me to check out? I’d love to read more recommendations!

Random thoughts: 07-08-09

Busy busy busy.  Too busy for a “normal” blog post.  But I do have some thoughts on stuff, however…


Did you know that at 4:56am this morning, that the official date was: 4:56, 7-8-9?


We should acknowledge differences…we should greet differences…until differences make no difference anymore.


Regardless of what anybody thinks of Michael Jackson…and at this point, even his hardcore fans must be beginning to tire of the coverage…I think what everybody needs to remember going forward is that he, apparently, was a great single dad whose kids loved him very much.  That, I’m afraid, is getting lost in all the hooplah.

“Ever since I was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.  And I just wanted to say I love him so much.”

— Paris Jackson, 07-08-09

Really…who are we to tell her otherwise?


Is it wrong that I don’t want to change the sheets on my bed because they still smell like Sunshine?  I know I’ll see her in eight days, but I miss her tremendously.


If you get a chance and you have a few minutes to spare, I highly suggest visiting Depot Dad.  He’s doing video-blogs right now, telling stories about his life.  It’s truly a great thing for his kids to watch as they grow older.  These stories bring a smile to my face each and every time.  I’m sure they’ll do the same for you.

Here’s an example:


I dunno just how bad the driving can possibly be over in New Zealand, but if I saw this bleeding billboard in the blinding rain, I’d probably be so freaked out that I’d get into an accident myself!

This is just creepy…


It’s bloody well difficult to lose weight when you’re addicted to Whoppers.  Dang-it…I thought I had gotten over this addiction when I was a teenager.

Heh...they're "balls"
Heh...they're "milk balls"


Poor Sunshine is actually getting some flack from people because she only thought Raiders of the Lost Ark was an “okay” movie.  She even had a friend on Facebook question (jokingly, of course) whether or not she could be friends with someone who only thought that movie was “okay”.

She told me that last night.  It made me laugh.



OMG…I’m seeing KISS in just over a week!!

My KISS tix!!
My KISS tix!!

My Top 5 – Movies I Can Watch Over And Over

After winding down from my (almost) week-long odyssey spent with Sunshine, I came up with another idea for one of My Top 5 posts.  Originally this idea came from attempting to “build a better blog” but has since taken up a permanent spot in my monthly post rotation.  I’m not a big “meme” person, but this is something I can at least tie into my real life…so I consider it as something slightly different.


Basically the premise is that a question is asked: What are your top five….?  Simple enough, right?  In this case, the time spent with Sunshine brought about the following:

The 5 movies I can watch over and over again:

  1. The Star Wars SagaThe entire Star Wars saga — Yeah, I know this one is hard to believe, right?  Here’s the deal: since introducing Ankle Biter to the glory that is the Star Wars universe, I haven’t been able to watch a single different movie since.  If it’s not Episode IV, it’s Episode V.  If it’s not Episode III, it’s Episode I.  It’s non-stop at this point.  And yes, I did attempt to get him off of the drug that is Star Wars…but to no avail.  But you know what?  F*ck it.  He loves the movies…I love the movies…and it’s our bonding time.  So yes, I have seen each movie at least ten times each with Episodes IV and V easily over twenty times each.  I suppose I could potentially pick out one favorite, but that would be like choosing between my son or daughter.  It’s just not possible.
  2. AnchormanAnchorman — This, to me, is far and away Will Farrell’s best movie to date.  I’ve been a fan of this movie since the day it was released and thought the comedy was smart and different and unique.  Bottom line: it was funny.  Last week Sunshine and I were watching the movie.  Let’s just say that we attempted to get…umm….frisky a couple of times, but even in the heat of passion to hear Ron Burgundy say, “Look, the most glorious rainbow ever!” and then hear Veronica Corningstone reply, “DO ME ON IT!!”  Well…we couldn’t help but just burst out laughing.  I’ve seen this movie well over ten times and I’ve laughed every single time.  Not only that, but it makes me want to listen to this song every time I watch it.
  3. Raiders of the Lost ArkRaiders of the Lost Ark — No, I didn’t put the entire Indiana Jones saga in here like I did Star Wars.  No, I didn’t call it “Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  Listen, I’m old school.  I’m a guy who remembers when Han shot first.  I’m also a guy who remembers when this movie broke the mold when it came to how an action/adventure/comedy was supposed to be told.  This movie was ground-breaking and, because it was a period piece, stands up extremely well today against the wannabe’s like National Treasure and Sahara.  Sunshine watched it for the first time with me last week and I think she thought it was okay…so at least she didn’t think it sucked.  Ahh well.  It’s certainly no 13 Going On 30, right?  Anyway…Harrison Ford is, by far, my favorite actor and this movie is one I can watch on a regular basis.  I’ve definitely seen this at least 20 times in my life.
  4. 300300/Cloverfield — Okay…where very few women seem to like these movies, I’m including them here as a “tag team of manly mindless fluff”.  I love these two movies with a passion.  Honestly, I think it’s the way each movie is filmed that makes them so awesome to watch repeatedly…because you always seem to find something new and different every time you watch.  300 really broke the mold when it came to stylistic violence.  There was a reason it’s one of the highest-grossing R-rated movies of all time…it’s not just violence for the sake of violence.  CloverfieldIt’s similar to Kill Bill Vol. 1 in that the violence is almost art in the way it’s filmed.  And with Cloverfield…man.  Think “Godzilla meets Blair Witch Project”…only it’s a love story.  Seriously.  If you go into this movie wanting to see some smash-’em’up monster flick, you’re gonna be disappointed.  This happens to be a love story with the backdrop being that a monster is destroying NYC…with the entire movie shot from the point of view of somebody holding a hand-held camera!!  Some may roll their eyes (yes Sunshine…I’m looking at you…lol), but I just loved this movie.   I own them both and will probably watch them again this week because I can.  Heh.
  5. The Princess BrideThe Princess Bride — This is, obviously, the complete OPPOSITE to my #4 choices…but I don’t care.  To me, this is one of the greatest movies ever made.  Period.  I remember asking around at work one day recently if people remembered this movie.  To my shock and horror, most didn’t know what this was.  That saddened me.  I mean seriously people…”Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”  COME ON!!!

So there you have it.  These are just five of the movies I own that I can and do watch on repeated viewings.  What about you?  What movies can you watch over and over as the years go by?