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A message on December 2nd, asking readers to name their 5 favorite Black Christmas carols. The message was seen by approximately 10, 000 adult Black Net citizens (meaning they have subscribed to a specific online community), on over 300 websites, newsgroups, bulletin boards, and online communities. Oct 27, 2011В В· Black gospel christmas music. Children christmas songs. Christian christmas music.

Dec 21, 2015. 3. 13. The O'Jays' “Christmas Just Ain't Christmas Without the One You Love”. 4. 12. The Emotions' “What Do The Lonely Do at Christmas”.

Listen to Slacker Radio's free A Very Soulful Christmas internet station. More of the Holiday music you love, personalized just for you.

Luther Vandross, Smokey. Hear all your favorite music and radio, free. Listen online or download the iHeartRadio App. Complete, fully searchable information about African American Heritage Hymnal, with printable scores, MIDI files, and page scans. Listen to iHeartChristmas R& B Live for Free! Hear R& B Christmas Favorites, only on iHeartRadio.

Black gospel christmas music. Children christmas songs. Christian christmas music. Christmas movies with African-American lead actor(s) or predominantly African-American cast. Old and new TV shows, music, and entertainment; all with a Holiday theme.

Sometimes searching for nostalgia or certain memorable shows is hard, so I tried to do the searching for you. I hope I brighten someone's" Holiday" viewing and make them smile. African American Short Films is in its 13th year on the air. A Gospel Christmas is going into its 20th year on the air. These shows are 1-hour first run syndicated quarterly specials. Christ-centered African American Christmas cards to spread the news of His birth. African American Christmas Greeting Cards Online.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! It’s the moment to slow down to appreciate all the good things that bless. African American Expressions is your number one source for black gifts, cards, fundraisers, and home parties. Request a Catalog!