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(Next Phase). Moon Phases for Kiritimati, Christmas Island, Kiribati in 2018. Showing. Lunation, New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, Third Quarter, Duration. In 2015, with glad Christmas tidings come with the full moon. This year, December's moon reaches peak size on Christmas Day, at 6: 11 a.

m.but the fullest nighttime moon might be best viewed on. Dec 06, 2008В В· The moon cycle is roughly 29. 5 days. Based on Greenwich Mean Time, the next truly full moon on Christmas Eve will be in 2026, though when the time difference is taken into account that would technically fall late the night of the 23rd in the US. The Moon phase calculator shows exact times of the various moon phases for The Settlement, Christmas Island in year 2018 or in other locations and years.

Dec 17, 2015. Not since 1977 has a full moon dawned in the skies on Christmas. But this. Rare Full Moon on Christmas Day. Read Next Related Article. Don't miss your first chance to glimpse a" Full Cold Moon" on Christmas since 1977.

News. When to see the rare Christmas Day full moon. Previous Next. If you're younger than 38, this Christmas will be the first one for a full moon Dec 25, 2015. Last festive full moon was in 1977, next one predicted for 2034. Mar 14, 2018В В· Watch videoВ В· Full moon calendar: Here is when the next full moon is. And with Christmas just days away, the Cold moon is also referred to as Moon before Yule and Long Nights Moon.

Christmas imagery and stories frequently feature Santa Claus flying past a luminous full moon, but 2015 will be one of the rare years when a full moon actually falls on Christmas Day. For the 19th century, 1806, 1825 and 1863 were years with a Christmas full moon. Enjoy this Christmas full moon, as the next one occurs in 2034.

Amazingly, in the 21st century, there will be five. For Earth’s Western Hemisphere, it’s the first full moon on Christmas Day since 1977. We won’t have another full moon on a Christmas Day until 2034.

A 19-year cycle of the moon is the reason.