netflix-halloweenThis will be the first time in years that I’ll be sitting home alone on Halloween. My son will be with his mom and the girls will be out with their mom and her ex. I’ve gone out with all of them before, but I’ve just got so much disgust and anger towards their father right now for how he has treated them over the past few months, I just don’t think I could pretend to have “small talk” with him without bringing up issues and getting into an argument or fight. 

So this means I’ll be home watching TV. The question then becomes…just what do I watch? Thankfully, there are a number of pretty awesome suggestions on Netflix .

If you’re looking for some more “family friendly” things to watch, check out this Stream & Scream Guide:netflix_stream-and-scream

Now if you’re going to be manning the door this Halloween, then you know that you’ll need to pause whatever you’re watching quite a bit. Thankfully, Netflix has provided options of programs to watch specifically for those manning the door!! It’s called the Netflix Pause & Effect list and it’s a quick guide for not only what to watch, but when to watch it!

FriendsFor example, peak Trick-or-Treating time is usually between 7pm and 8pm. You’ll be pausing your program multiple times in order to answer the door. You don’t want to be knee-deep into a great program that you’re trying to really pay attention to because pausing it multiple times will just ruin the “flow” of everything. Netflix understands that and suggests Friends as the option. Brilliant!

stranger-thingsOn the other hand, if you’re up late and the little ghosts and ghouls have all gone to bed, you may want something you can really sink your teeth into. The perfect options suggested are shows like The Walking Dead or the fantastic Stranger Things. These are shows that you’ll want to watch all the way through without distractions or breaks.

Check out the list for yourself!


I hope you all have a great Halloween!


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