Netflix CanadaY’know, sometimes I feel as though ‘Canada Day’ should be more like ‘Canada Month’. I mean, it’s not like I want the entire month off (though that’s not a horrible idea), but I think our country is so freakin’ awesome that I want to celebrate it all month long. Thankfully, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

My good friends at Netflix Canada have helped me celebrate my great home country throughout July, and I thought I’d share with you some of the highlights:

  • TPB - NetflixTrailer Park Boys. Listen…I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I’ve been to the trailer park where the boys originally filmed their show. I know just how Canadian this show actually is (from time to time, anyway). The fact that it has crossed-over in popularity with other parts of the world just makes it all the more unique. The twisted tales of Ricky, Julien, and Bubbles never fail to entertain as long as you have the right sense of humour to truly enjoy it (viewer discretion IS advised, after all).
  • How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother. This is a television series that my family did not watch during its initial run. Thankfully, Netflix has all nine seasons available to binge-watch! As a family, we’re all hooked on this show and are up to the fourth season now. What makes it Canadian? Well, you can’t watch the show and not fall in love with Robin Scherbatsky (played by Cobie Smulders, who is originally from Vancouver, BC.). Not only that, but if you watch the episodes that involve Canadian pop icon Robin Sparkles and then don’t feel like going to the mall…well…I don’t know if we can still be friends.
  • Change UpThe Change-Up. This movie is silly, but still full of chuckles and fun. Former best friends Mitch (Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds) and Dave (Jason Bateman) have drifted apart over the years. After a drunken reunion where they profess their envy of the other’s life, they wake up to find that they have somehow switched bodies. They soon discover that things are not as great as they thought they were and then try to find a way to return their lives to normal.
  • DegrassiDegrassi: Next Class. My girls (aged 11 and 13) absolutely LOVE this show. And much like the two previous incarnations, this is a Canadian series that is filmed in Toronto. The show follows a group of high school sophomores and juniors from the fictional Degrassi Community School. What made the show popular previously is what has made it popular again: it depicts some of the typical issues and challenges common to every teenager’s life (ex: cyber bullying, mental illness, sexuality, drug use, racial discrimination, etc.). While I don’t watch this show, it’s definitely one that I will let my kids watch and learn from.
  • CaillouCaillou. I’ll be the first to admit that I was never really a fan of Caillou when my kids were younger. But this is a Canadian program produced by a Canadian studio that continues to entertain kids of the newer generation. The series is based on the books by Canadian educator/writer Hélène Desputeaux and centers around a 4-year old boy named Caillou who is fascinated by the world around him. It’s a show primarily designed for toddlers so keep that in mind if you’re first-time viewer.

Finally, there was one more reason Netflix gave me reason to celebrate being Canadian…

H Key Art

That’s right…Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted on Netflix Canada during the month of July!! I know that my American friends weren’t overly thrilled to hear that Canucks were able to watch this movie on Netflix, but I provide no apologies! This is freaking awesome!!

Prod stillI’m a life-long Star Wars fan from the moment I saw the original in the theatres back in 1977. I have helped my son become a huge Star Wars fan and we both saw The Force Awakens in theatres and thought it blew our minds. I was going to buy it on Blu-ray, but I’m putting that purchase off for the time being so we can continue to repeat watch the movie on Netflix…whenever we want!

Clone Wars title treatmentAdd to that the fact that all SIX seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars are also available on Netflix and you can only imagine the bonding experiences my son and I have had over the past couple of weeks. There is so much Star Wars fun to be had that we barely have time to watch anything else!

So let’s revel in the fact that Netflix Canada has helped us all celebrate Canada Day during the entire month. Maybe this is the beginning of a new Canadian holiday?


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