Father’s Day Gift Ideas

CBG NOTE: This is a sponsored post.

With Mother’s Day behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the other half of the equation—dad! It’s never too soon to be thinking about what you can gift dad to make him super happy. So in conjunction with Liquid Communications, we’ve put together a list of some top picks that are sure to please any dad this Father’s Day!

For the Dad who needs something extra

fathers dayTies, socks and…..Botox? In the age of all things “Brotox”, now more than ever men are embracing the benefits of cosmetic procedures. In fact, notable Toronto cosmetic specialist Dr. Cory Torgerson points out that these days, around 45% of his clients are male. Fathers in particular want to dip into the fountain of youth too, with the New York Daily News reporting that many New York plastic surgeons see an additional 25% jump in male clients surrounding Father’s Day. There couldn’t be a better time to treat dad to have him look and feel like the true superhero he is! Although Botox trumps as the most requested treatment among men, less invasive “spa-like” options like the Silk Peel Facial are also top options for men and dads alike to slowly start to reap the benefits of the endless manly makeover procedures available! For more information on all things “Brotox” check out: http://drtorgerson.com/.

For the Dapper Dad

23123955366_c8d62210de_kCan we all just agree that cuff links and ties are super overdone and that dad deserves something more this Fathers day? In that case, opt for a sleek pair of Jacques-Marie Mage sunglasses! These classic frames will not only shield dad’s eyes from the sun, but they’ll also keep him looking dapper– whether he’s golfing, hiking or on his way to an important meeting. The brown tortoise shell colour distinguishes this frame from other styles but is subtle enough for even the most classic dads. As an exclusive to Kaltenbock Opticians, these JMM frames are sure to please the guy who taught you how to tie your shoes and throw a ball! Visit http://kaltenbockopticians.ca/ for more information. For more styles click here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsktQsZx3.

For Dad’s with Man Manes

CBG NOTE: This product interested me the most, so I will be reviewing some products in a future blog post.

unnamed (1)unnamed (2)Take your dad’s beard from frumpy to fresh this Father’s Day with natural and organic beard oil from Toronto based international brand Beards and Beavers. Made with a unique five oil blend, Beards and Beavers beard oil will help cure dry skin and itchiness while preventing in-grown hairs and making his beard super soft. With scents like The Cowboy, unnamedThe Lumberjack and Royal Glow, there’s an oil to fit your dad’s personality. Can’t choose just one? Not a problem, Beards and Beavers offers a mix and match option along with a “Super Awesome Value Pack” that includes four top selling oils plus the ultra popular True North Beard Balm. We promise he’ll be addicted in no time and you’ll be his favourite child! For more information on all the scent-sational oils visit:



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