Did I Forget To Mention…?

Oh…did I forget to mention that I’ve finally got a job?


I haven’t been around much over the past few weeks because I’ve been transitioning from my NINE month unemployment life (!!!) to my newly ’employed in a dream job’ life (!!!).

So long story short, I had three interviews with this company and was offered a position about a month ago. I started on May 2nd and have been incredibly happy ever since. This job checks ALL of the boxes for me. Not only that, but the amount of welcome and respect I’ve received since starting has been above and beyond anything I’ve ever had before from any other employer.

Two weeks into the job and I feel like I’m respected, appreciated, and part of a team. That, my friends, was all I was really looking for in a job. But to also have the kind of position that I’ve always wanted to have on top of everything else is really a dream come true.

The only downside is that my time management skills are taking a beating. Not so much with the job itself, but with my work-life balance. I mean, I’m home at a decent time and I’m up on my own pretty early, but I find myself either relaxing from a long day or doing things that need to get done.

Thus, my blog-writing has fallen to the wayside as of late. I’m going to try fixing that because I feel as though I’ve got things to say. I’m wanting to do a “re-boot” with a variety of things in my life over the next few weeks and blog-writing is just a part of the overall picture. Fingers crossed…I can do what I want to do without falling off the bandwagon (yet AGAIN).

So if you’re still around reading, I certainly appreciate it. I’m not done yet…not by a long shot.


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