Wide Open

My future…it’s wide open.

The FutureUp until recently, I had gone a few months forgetting that fact. After losing my job last summer, I was absolutely certain that I’d find something sooner rather than later because I had a really good resume and I was experienced enough to be a great asset to any company willing to give me a chance.

I had a second interview with one company that didn’t work out. I then had a second interview with another company that didn’t work out. I made it to a third and final interview with a company who then contacted my references…before calling me to tell me that they’ve decided to change the position that they were advertising for because they don’t think they need it at the moment.

That’s what sent me downward. 

The holidays were brutal and it’s been tough getting my head in a better space. But over the past couple of weeks, I truly feel like I have. Sure, it’s been a really tough eight months (!!) sitting at home, but all I have to do is sit back and look at what I bring to the table…really look at where I am and how my relationships are…and I see that my future is, indeed, wide open.

jobI’m applying for at least one job every single day. Just by sheer numbers alone that means I should be called for something at some point soon. I’ve updated my resume and updated my cover letter, and I’m doing my best to be exactly the person that these prospective employees want me to be. 

CBG & FamilyMy relationships with my wife and kids are so much better than they were a few months ago. I’m in a really good spot mentally and my medication seems to be working. I feel as though I’m falling in love with my wife all over again and we’re in a really good place. My kids are fantastic and I feel as though we’re all working towards building better relationships. 

So the only thing that leaves me is taking care of myself. I’m still not getting outside and exercising like I should be, but I feel good about myself. I feel confident that I’m going to get where I need to be sooner rather than later. My future is wide open and I’m going to own it.


One thought on “Wide Open

  1. Just a little tip….you should be creating a new cover letter for each job you apply for. You need to use the job description to point out how you have what they are looking for.

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