So…What’s Up?

Hey gang!

Canadian Bald GuyI know…I haven’t been around in just over two weeks. Sorry about that. My computer actually died for over a week and then last week was spent catching up on working on the new hard drive (ugh). Life has still gone on, so for those interested I thought I’d give you all some glimpses into how life has been going.

jobsI’m still looking for a job. It’s insane to have to write that down because I’ve been out of work for eight months or more at this point. This is definitely the longest I’ve ever gone as an adult without working. It’s crazy to think that I’m having these difficulties trying to find a new career…but I’m not giving up. The good thing is that Sunshine and I are still paying the bills, so there isn’t a massive rush to get out there and find any job possible. It’s getting closer and closer to that point, but I’m not there yet. I’m confident that I’ll find something within the next couple of months. I’ve updated my resume and cover letter and am determined to get something that will make me happy.

CBG and Sunshine at sunriseSunshine and I are in a much better place. Nothing is perfect, but I’m been trying really hard to be the husband that she deserves, even if I’m sitting at home every day. I feel as though we’ve grown closer and that will continue to help us as a couple get over this hump that I’m having trouble getting over. And to be honest, I feel as though I’ve been falling in love with her all over again because I’ve been paying more attention to her and reminding myself of just how incredibly awesome she is. 

CBG and Ankle BiterI’m still visiting my son, Ankle Biter, every two weeks. I feel that sometimes we’re not as close as we could be, but he’s still only nine and I’m sure we’ll only get closer and closer as he gets older. I continue to do my best to be on his level…watching his YouTube gamers to get a sense of what he likes and why, playing the xBox games that he likes to play to feel like we’re bonding…just things like that. We still video chat via FaceTime a couple of times every week so it’s not like we’re drifting apart or anything…I’d just like us to be closer. Definitely things I can work on.

PebblesMy oldest daughter, Pebbles (18), is still a real joy to have in my life. She’s finishing up her post-high school “year of doing nothing” and is hearing back from schools to attend in September. She is definitely a unique young woman, getting tattoos and piercings and posting pics of her smoking out of a bong on social media. But y’know what? I feel as though she’s got her head on straight. She knows what she’s doing and she’s definitely NOT dumb, so I can only hope going to post-secondary school will help her make good life choices.

Rugrat 3My 17-year old, Rugrat, has been dealing with anxiety and ADHD issues in a pretty severe way. Thankfully, it sounds like her mom is doing a bit to help her find the help that she needs. Rugrat actually called Sunshine and I last week on the night before an oral presentation at school that she was scared to death of doing. I think we calmed her down enough that she didn’t get an anxiety attack while speaking (which has happened previously) and she called the next day super excited to tell us how great it went. I am super proud of her and the young woman she is becoming. 

IMG_6997The soon-to-be teenager (Kiddo) is doing great, as is her sister (Lil’ Mo). I love these two girls as if they were my own flesh and blood. And over the past few months, their dad has become more and more of an asshole to them (though he would tell you he’s simply “parenting”). This attitude has helped them become more and more closer to me, which is awesome. They now call me “Dad” on a consistent basis, which makes me smile every single time I hear it. I think the world of them and I couldn’t be happier to know that I’m helping to raise them and provide them with a positive male role model to look up to. 

So overall…life is good. I have no real complaints other than my work situation. I feel good and feel positive. I’m in love with my wife and I love my children. For whatever reason, they all love me, too. What else could I possibly ask for?


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