Netflix and WHAT?? – Staying In Is The New Date Night

Netflix & ChillWithout going into gory details, the catchphrase Netflix & Chill is one that you have probably heard over the past year. Basically, it means a couple plans to stay in, watch some Netflix, and then hit the bedroom to continue the evening. 

As Valentine’s Day rolls around this weekend, I am absolutely planning on some Netflix & Chill taking place (TMI?). But I did some reading lately that suggested Netflix is becoming more important to relationships than just for “chilling”. Because the economy is so strained and, let’s face it, the outside world can be a scary place…more and more couples are doing “inside date nights”. Not only that, but I read that DATING PROFILES are beginning to include more and more information on Netflix preferences because a “movie match” can sometimes be a great conversation starter.

A recent survey with “Millenial Netflix users” showed that 53% of singles with online profiles have added movies and television shows to their profile in order to attract a potential suitor. I mean, I only did the online dating thing briefly after my marriage ended and that was a nightmare. I suppose trying to be as specific as possible might be a good way to go about it. I also read that 21% of respondents to this survey admitted to adding documentaries to their online dating profile in order to seem smarter. Seriously!! I may not be the smartest cookie in the jar, but I can’t imagine lying like that on a profile. What if you’re found out later to be a liar? Nope…I’d rather be as honest as possible if I were actually searching for love. But I can definitely see how this could help. 

Courting & Beyond

I won’t lie…when Sunshine and I can agree on a series or movie to watch, I do find her a little more attractive. There’s just something about connecting with your significant other that brings the two of you closer together, and when you feel that way you feel more attracted to them. 

Making It Official

Get this…according to Millenial Netflix subscribers, the most attractive genre of show and/or movie in a potential partner is the ACTION THRILLER! Whaaa

I know, right?

This surprises me because you would think the Romantic Comedy would top the list. But again, from personal experience, if I’m ever in a position to watch an Action Thriller with my wife (who isn’t normally drawn to that type of movie), it’s certainly a turn on for me. There’s just something about watching one of those movies and having your spouse watching it next to you. I can’t really put my finger why, though. 

And passwords? Yeah…I can totally understand how that’s a sign of “we’re officially together”. As a parent, I’ve got four different account names set up for different family members…but if my wife and I were both just dating and one of us had just signed up for Netflix, I could totally see how sharing a password would mean a “serious relationship”. I mean, it’s a sign of trust…right? It’s probably a bigger deal than changing your Facebook relationship status.

Blissfully happy

I’ll be honest…my wife and I don’t always agree on what to watch on Netflix. Hell…we’ve gotten into arguments about what to watch because I’ll watch just about anything and she’s more “selective” about what she spends her time on. So I can totally understand how 71% of couples engage in negotiations over picking shows. That’s actually kind of funny.

And yes, I can also see how over half of all couples bond over Netflix…whether it’s a classic series like Friends or a documentary series like How To Make A Murderer, when my wife and I really get into a show we find ourselves pausing the program to laugh, discuss what we’re watching, or share stories that we’re reminded of. Because it’s not live television, we can take our time and not just stare at the screen without saying a word to each other.

How do you use Netflix in your relationship? Have you used it for a #showmance with your significant other?



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