My First Family SuperBowl

Anti-HockeyI’m one of the few Canadians who doesn’t really like hockey very much, in spite of the fact that Canada is primarily a hockey-centric nation. In fact, I’m not much of a fan of sports in general…though I absolutely LOVE football. No, not the 3-down Canadian version…but rather the National Football League. In fact, an NFL game is pretty much the only sporting event that I can watch on television from beginning to end and not get bored.

Over the years, I spent many a SuperBowl watching it by myself. I occasionally spent it with friends and the past few years have been spent with my wife. But where Sunshine isn’t a football fan, it’s not quite the same…y’know? My son is usually with his mom on Sunday evenings and Sunshine’s girls are with their dad doing their own SuperBowl thing.

This year, though, the girls were scheduled to be with us on Sunday night. Instead of going to their dad’s, they said that they actually wanted to watch the SuperBowl with me. Well…that’s all I needed to hear in order to want to have a kick-ass night!

I spent the weekend with the Ankle Biter, but had picked him earlier on Friday so I could drop him off a bit earlier on Sunday and get back home in order catch the start of the game. I had discussed it with him a couple of weeks previously, and he was fine with the trade-off. He watches football with me, but also knows the routine. I promised him that some day we’ll watch the big game together.

Damn long distance parenting…

So Sunshine and I had come up with ideas for fun. It started off with a late supper with home-made pizza…


…we even had “cookie pizza” desserts that were made by the 10 year old, Lil’ Mo. She decorated each with mini-M&M’s with initials (for Dad, Mom, Mo, & Em).006

Before the SuperBowl started, we played a game of “Which Mascot?” where I had pictures of 20 NFL mascots and the ladies had to match them up with their corresponding football team (fun because they’re not football fans).NFL Mascots

I had some trivia questions for them to answer. Any correct answers would result in a chocolate treat!TriviaI also downloaded some Football Bingo cards that made the game a LOT more fun for the girls to watch. Everybody got three cards and a straight line would result in some more chocolate goodness…

036On top of everything else, we had snacks laid out in football containers to go on our football plates and accompanied by our football napkins. 011

We didn’t end up eating the cookie pizzas, nor did we end up eating the chicken wings that Sunshine and I had purchased for halftime. But all told, I think we accomplished what we set out to do. We wanted to make sure that this night was about THEM, not about me or my love of the game. We wanted them to have fun and not regret their decision to be with their dad and have him and his friends drink and yell at the TV all night.

So that was our SuperBowl Sunday. How did you spend yours?


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