The Free Netflix Winners Are…

Netflix-gift-cards-1024x601I would like to thank everybody who entered the “Win 6 Free Months of Netflix” contest over the past few weeks. I don’t have giveaways very often, so it was great being able to have a contest for readers over the holidays. And as a massive fan of Netflix, being able to share the service is something that brings me a lot of happiness.

So after using RANDOM.ORG to choose two names at random out of all of the qualifying entries, I have the two winners!! 

They are…


I will DM you both within the next 24 hours to exchange information so you can get your Netflix 6-month complimentary membership codes! Congratulations and THANK YOU for reading the blog.

And a big thanks to Netflix Canada for having me be a member of their Stream Team so I was able to offer this giveaway to begin with. They’ve been very kind to me and my family over the past year and I look forward to continuing my working relationship with them in 2016. 


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