2016 Resolutions (let’s try this again)

2016_resolutionsYes, it’s another new year and yes…it means that people are throwing out New Year’s Resolutions again. I’ve said in the past that I hate resolutions and I’ve also created some, so I guess it has only really depended on whether or not I felt I had some realistic goals for that particular year.

I’ve got goals in 2016. I’ve got real, attainable goals. So I guess these aren’t as much “resolutions” as they are goals for 2016, but they’re mine and I’m going to conquer them…

  1. WEIGHT LOSS - September 24Reach 200 pounds. I lost over 20 pounds during 2015. Of course, I gained back close to 10 near the end of the year in spite of the fact that I joined a gym in November. I feel confident, though, that it’s absolutely 100% possible to lose another 10-20 pounds during 2016. So this isn’t another “Lose Weight” resolution that doesn’t have any clear goals in place. I’ve got a goal…hit 200lbs before the end of 2016. I feel 99% confident that I can achieve this by year end.
  2. jobDon’t get a job…but get the RIGHT job. After being unemployed for over five months (so far), finding a new job is becoming more and more of a priority. We’re doing okay financially, so trying to find the right job is still something I can take a bit of time with. It’s really important that I find something I will enjoy doing at this point in my life, so I need to stay focused and work my butt off to finally get the career that I can stay at for years to come. Right now, I’m going house-wacky and I let my depression get the better of me in December…so getting out of the house and into a new work environment will be vitally important for me to achieve over the next few months.
  3. Run a half-marathon. I’ve accomplished the running goals that I’ve set for myself in the past. I initially started running two years ago and finished my first “official” 5K on June 21, 2014. I ran my own personal 10K on October 13, 2014. I haven’t really had a running goal since. I mean, I’m now at the point where if I run less than 5K then I don’t feel like I’ve gotten a good workout in, so that’s certainly something. But I want to run a half-marathon. I want to feel like I can accomplish something that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish in a million years. It’s time to test my body and push myself to the limit. Now, I walked a half-marathon on my birthday back in 2013, but walking and running are two completely different things. logo-maritime-race-weekendThe event I want to run is the Maritime Race Weekend taking place on September 17th. It’s scary to think about actually doing this, but I feel like if I put my heart and soul into this, it’s a goal that I can accomplish.
  4. money_issuesSave money. Again…this is one of those “well duh” type resolutions. But this was something both Sunshine and I were actually doing pretty well at before I lost my job last summer. We were on our way to accomplishing some goals and staying on top of things. Now we’re just a little behind and I want to make sure that we get back on track. 
  5. ADHD symbol design isolated on white backgroundContinue going to my ADHD support groups. I went to two meetings this past year, and even though I wasn’t thrilled at sitting inside of a room with some strangers to talk about how messed-up we all were, I left each meeting feeling better about myself and how my progress is coming along. I hope to make the monthly meetings a consistent occurrence for me. I think it’s important for me to continue realizing that I’m not alone with this condition. Lots of practical information about ADD is stored in the brains of those who have the condition, so meeting and talking with other ADHD adults can give me hope, which is really important for my personal growth in 2016.


So this is my 2016 in a nutshell. What about you???


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