Photone – A Photo Filter Product Review

As I’ve mentioned previously on my blog, I’m asked all of the time to review products. And as I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t normally say “yes” unless it’s something I believe in or something I genuinely want to try.

08b1713e1b37f336ae81aa2858075b2402258e1fI was recently asked to try a new photo app for iPhone/iPad/iPod called Photone.

Photone just released a couple of weeks ago  and is an application for enhancing photos and adding effects for user photos. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the filters provided by that certain app we all use just don’t match up with what I want the photo to look like. I’ve actually downloaded a number of other filters and apps, but for the most part they’re either (a) too cheesy with over-the-top effects nobody over the age of 18 would ever want to use or (b) they’re too damn expensive.

Photone is only $1.99 and I’ll tell you my honest thoughts: I like the app…a lot.

The company has put together a really great, simple photo editing experience with this app. Literally one tap can get you results that would normally take HOURS.  And the great thing I like about it is that it’s compatible with exporting to Facebook and Instagram in addition to being able to save it to your photo camera roll.

I know…it sounds like I’m trying to hard-sell you on this product. But I’m not just throwing this review out there for the hell of it. I tried and have used the filter a number of times within the past week on my social media accounts. 

For example…here’s a picture I took of an “adult beverage” I was drinking last week by the Christmas tree. 002

A nice picture, I guess…but I added a little “Sun Rays” filter to it and this is how it currently looks on my Instagram account:

One of the fabulous benefits of having your wife work at a brewery at #Christmastime. #Stella @stellaartois

A post shared by Todd (@canadianbaldguy) on

To me, it’s a lot nicer photo now.

Here’s another example. I took this pic of Sunshine and I over the weekend while at the gym. It was just a quick selfie that I took after we both had finished unsatisfying runs…


I know…not the most flattering pic, right? Regardless, I applied a filter called “Cappuchino” and this was the result:


To me, the muted colours make the photo look better overall…and it doesn’t look like the amateurish selfie that it initially started looking like. There are a LOT of different filters to choose from, whether they are considered professional (ProTone), colour-centric (ColorTone), or effects-driven (Effects). 

b7b4550a70df58aa5cc2c4107cab27b6c2623e7d     ef55a51d99186be402db186fc4614f150ceb7bdd    1f1ca0e696b302527127a6ba28576636981c2d1a

Don’t just take my word for it, though. For the price, what have you got to lose? There are so many other photo effect filter apps out there that either charge a lot more and/or don’t give you the type of quality effects and filters that you’re looking for. I plan on continuing to use this app for a long time.

If you’d like some more information, though, just go to and see for yourself.


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