The Struggle Is Real – A One-Month GoodLife Fitness Membership Review

Goodlife Fitness 2About a month ago, I joined a Goodlife Fitness gym on a three month membership.  I thought it would be good to just recap the past month and let you all know how things have gone for me so far.

3 monthsThe first couple of workouts felt a little awkward, if I can be honest. I had never been inside of a gym before, so I didn’t really know what to do other then stepped on a treadmill and run. After a few more workouts, though, I began to feel a little bit more comfortable and walking into the gym wasn’t such a big deal anymore.

One of the things that always prevented me from joining a gym before was the thought that I would stick out like a sore thumb. I’m a “regular guy”…shaped like a pear and not in very good physical condition at all. I was so nervous about seeing nothing but big “muscle guys” and “beach bunnies” that I would psych myself out before I even gave it a legitimate chance. Thankfully, Goodlife Fitness attracts people of all different weights, sizes, and ages. When I walk into the gym now, I feel quite at ease.

GoodLife LifeChangerOver the course of the past month, I have received a LifeChanger session and, last week, I won a free training session through an in-house giveaway. That training session took place recently and I will talk about that later this week

The primary issue that Goodlife Fitness wanted me to tackle during my time as a “Blogger Ambassador” was finding the time to work out. Because I have been “in between jobs” over the past couple of months, finding the time to work out out during the day in non-peak hours has not been a problem.

005However, my wife and I both have a membership now and enjoy working out together whenever time allows. At this point, we have found that there are two nights every week that we can work out together when we do not have the girls in the evening. I won’t lie…it has not always been the easiest transition to pick my wife up after work, go immediately to the gym, workout, and then be back in time for supper and a video chat session with my son all before 8 PM.

Every other weekend, when the two of us have time together, we also have the opportunity to work out at the same time. So right now, if I were to begin working tomorrow, that means we would find about six or seven opportunities to work out in a two week span. I suppose that isn’t really too bad, it’s just difficult trying to squeeze everything into a very short amount of time.

20 Minute Fit FIxThankfully, both of us have learned to do the 20 Minute Fit Fix. This means that even if we don’t have a whole lot of time, we can still be in and out of the gym in less than one hour while getting a full body workout. That, my friends, is very appealing. 

As I enter my second month of membership with Goodlife Fitness, I plan to start spreading out to other gyms in the city. Over the past month, my wife and I have only visited one location and it has become our “home base”. I had originally requested a multiple location membership just so I could check out different locations and see if there were any real differences between the locations. I will provide more updates on that experience over the coming weeks.

To summarize…my first month of working out has been an enjoyable experience. I do not dislike going to the gym at this point, but I am still having difficulty finding the motivation to go on a regular basis.

That, however, is another blog post for another day.


The Struggle Is Real


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.



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