The #5MoreMinutes Excuse Solved!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I try putting my kids to bed there is always a reason for them to want to stay up a little bit longer. I can’t hate on them for it…heck, I used to do the very same thing when I was their age. Children reach a certain age when there is a bit of a “look how grown up I am” feeling because they are staying up past their bedtime.

My kids use a variety of reasons for not going to be exactly at their bedtime. In fact, Netflix sent out a little bit of information to their Netflix Stream Team (of which I’m a member) to break down the different types of “stall tactics” that kids use.

Netflix bedtime

The excuses from my own children are usually along the lines of…

  • “But I’m not really tired…”
  • “Can I have some snuggle time?”
  • “I’m too hot/cold to go to bed right now.”
  • “Can I watch just a little bit of the next show?”

I mean, there are times when I’ve hugged the girls goodnight and they’re physically in bed under the covers…then as soon as I leave the room they’re up and walking to the washroom or getting a glass of water or wanting to tell their mom and I one more story from school that day.

Thankfully, Netflix now has a great solution to this 5 More Minutes problem: Dinotrux!! Recently, Netflix released Dinotrux Favorites, which are 5-minute condensed version of the popular Dinotrux series. That’s right…an entire show in 300 seconds!

Dinotrux 3 Dinotrux 2 Dinotrux 1


Problem solved!!

What about you? Do your kids give you some 5 More Minutes excuses? What do they do to negotiate some extra time before going to bed?


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