More Politics, More Problems

Trudeau & StreisandThere has been a TON of talk over the last few weeks about Canada’s new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Some of you non-Canucks may recognize the last name and that would be because Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau,  was Canada’s Prime Minister from 1968-79 and from 1980-84. He dated singer Barbara Streisand and actress Margot Kidder during his time as a “swinging young bachelor”…so some people may remember the name.

Anyway…Trudeau’s Liberal party swept across the country to gain a majority government back in the October 19th election. Of course, it’s not really his policies or party promises that has taken the world by storm…it’s his good looks.Justin Trudeau 2

And yes, I will fully admit that Justin Trudeau is a good looking man. That can’t be denied. And no, he may not have the most experience when compared to the other politicians who were trying to be the country’s leader. At 43 years of age, it would be like a guy I graduated high school with now leading the country…which either says I’m really young or really old, depending on who you ask.

Here’s the thing…I think he’s smart enough that the Liberal party agreed that he could lead them in the federal election. I also think he’s smart enough to surround himself with those who are smarter than him so he can learn from them and lead the country (he has said as much in interviews). And let’s face it…the United States hasn’t always had the smartest men leading the country (ummm…Bush, Jr, anyone?), but the key to being a great leader (I think) is to surround yourself with great people. If Trudeau can do that, then he can do great things for Canada.

But I don’t even care what his policies are. This is a man who is as “normal” and as “modern” and as likeable as any politician you will ever see. THAT is why he was elected…people simply like the guy and can relate to him in some way. Just as an example, check out this “behind-the-scenes” piece done on the day that he was sworn into office as Prime Minister:

Now let me make this very clear…this ISN’T a “pro-Trudeau” or “pro-Liberal” blog post. I don’t like diving head-first into politics because it’s really a very personal and “touchy” subject. What I do want to mention is the way the rest of the world has been reacting to him…specifically the United States.

Just look at some of the memes that have popped up in recent months…

Trudeau 15
And yes, you can purchase this sweater online.


Of course, all of the “Internet fun” hasn’t just come from Americans. There has been a TON of fun had here in Canada at Trudeau’s expense, too…

Trudeau 6 Hey girl

I don’t think there’s any real point to this post other than the fact that our new leader is a good lookin’ dude. Many people dislike him for that fact, but whatever…he can’t do any worse than the last Prime Minister.



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