6 Life Hacks for Adults with ADHD

Every once in awhile, I’ll be contacted by someone who offers to write a post for my blog. Most of the time, the content won’t be relevant at all. Sometimes, it’s extremely relevant. In this case, Vee from My New Well wanted to write about Adult ADHD because her blog promotes health and wellness at every age and the topic is something that very important to me. I hope you enjoy this post and visit her blog.


Image via Pixabay by anisenior
Image via Pixabay by anisenior

Though it develops in childhood, many people aren’t diagnosed with ADHD until they reach adulthood. Both children and adults with ADHD face challenges in succeeding in school and work, getting along with others, and completing tasks.

ADHD treatment often includes medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two, and the combination of medication and therapy has been the most effective course of treatment. With proper treatment and a concerted effort, people with ADHD successfully manage their symptoms and lead happy, successful lives.

That said, there’s always room for making life a little easier. Here are a few life hacks for adults with ADHD:

  1. Reduce the clutterTake Control of Your Space. Distractions are all around, and people with ADHD need to take control of their space to limit them. Though this article provides tips for children with ADHD, its advice on reducing the clutter and getting organized in the home are valuable for adults, too. Categorize your items so that you can trash those that you don’t need, store those that aren’t necessary, and organize those that you use daily. Cutting down on clutter will cut down on your distractions and help you feel less overwhelmed.
  1. Food JournalStart a Food Journal. Some foods impact hyperactivity. Log your food intake and behavior, and you may just find a pattern about which foods affect you most. For example, certain additives, caffeine, or sugar may negatively impact your mood or behaviors. Discuss your findings with your doctor and work with them to eliminate harmful foods from your diet.
  1. You are not aloneInvolve Family in Treatment. Relationships are especially difficult for adults with ADHD. Couples counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy are two options for ADHD adults who want to strengthen or repair those relationships. Supportive partners also learn how to help with treatment, and relationship goals often are met more quickly and successfully when ADHD adults involve their family members and partners in the process.
  1. Apple slicesBreak Tasks Into Small Pieces. Rather than overwhelm yourself with large tasks or grow frustrated by an inability to complete or focus on tasks, ADHD adults should break large tasks into small chunks. Add deadlines to each small task piece to hold yourself accountable and to celebrate your success each time you complete a piece. Soon, the pieces will be completed and the whole task will be finished.
  1. Love your dogSpend More Quality Time with Your Pooch. This one might see a little odd, but hear me out! Studies show that our pets are great for our mental health—helping us fend off loneliness and depression with their unconditional love. For people with ADHD, they have these same effects while also providing beneficial opportunities for exercise and helping to establish an at-home routine based on their feeding and potty habits. So, if you’ve been putting off adopting an adorable mutt from your local shelter, now’s the time to do it.
  1. Become a Morning Person. By committing to getting up early, ADHD adults will find that they are able to accomplish more because the majority of people are up at night. You will be able to do what you need to do without distractions from people calling, emailing, or texting you. And, it tends to be quieter in the morning, which also cuts down on the distractions. You also will feel more positive throughout the rest of your day, because you were so productive in the morning.
  1. Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.Use the Power of Your Smartphone. Yes, smartphones can be incredibly distracting for people with ADHD. But, if you use it for good instead of evil (aka Facebook, cat videos, etc.), your smartphone will help you become more organized.

Utilize your calendar and set reminders. Use to-do list apps. Take screenshots of passwords. Include pictures of people with their contact information to help you remember their names. Text yourself about the really important things you need to remember so that you see them in your notifications. The possibilities for using your smartphone for remembering information and for staying on top of deadlines and tasks are nearly limitless.

If you make an effort to live successfully with your ADHD, involve your family and friends, and utilize the resources at your disposal, you will have a much easier time dealing with the condition. And of course, adopting these life hacks is a step in the right direction.


Vee Cecil is a Kentucky born and bred wellness coach and personal trainer. She is passionate about all things health-related and keeping others informed on personal wellbeing. She regularly shares her findings on wellness on her recently-launched blog.



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