My Son’s Netflix Inspired Halloween Costume

As a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team, I was asked to show any of my children wearing a Netflix-inspired Halloween costume. This was extremely easy for me because my son is an extremely creative and inspired nine-year-old. He told me at the beginning of the month that he had not only come up with his Halloween costume, but had created his own “super hero” based on something we had watched together on Netflix.

Star Wars The Clone WarsBack in June, we watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I introduced the Star Wars universe to my son at a pretty young age (he was 3, if I remember correctly) because there was no bad language, no blood, and the violence was pretty cartoon-esque. Where we had watched all six movies repeatedly over the past six years, his love of the franchise was beginning to wane a little bit.

I knew that the new Star Wars movie was coming out in December, so introducing him to an extended “cannon” Star Wars universe meant that his love for everything Star Wars would be rekindled.

He came up with an idea all of his own for Jacob Future, which was a cross between a super-hero and a Jedi, wielding a lightsaber and using the Force for the purposes of good fighting against evil. Heck…he even came up with a back-story that included his wife, kids, and even GRANDKIDS. He invented a storyline for how he received his powers and who he fought his biggest battles against.

I took a number of photos as he prepared his costume for the days leading up to Halloween. He was super excited to look like a wolf (his favourite animal) who happened to be a Jedi. It’s weird, I know…but I was totally thrilled to know he was creating this all with his imagination. THAT is a very cool thing for a parent to experience.

After looking through some of the photos, I figured that I could do some photo editing to truly give him a sense of being a “Jedi super hero” from the Star Wars universe. We talked about the bad guys he wanted to face and I ended up with a couple of fun creations that he absolutely loved.

Take a look!

Jacob Future - Super Hero 3

Jacob Future - Super Hero 2

Did anything on Netflix inspire YOUR kids this year for Halloween?


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