GoodLife Fitness Vlog #4 – The Great 10K

I ran 10K on Monday morning and decided to do a little vlog to document the workout. As I looked back at the video yesterday, I was surprised at just how excited I was to have completed it.

I mean, when I have run 10 kilometers on my own around the city, I always end up walking home the final couple of kilometers when I initially set out to run. This time, though, I set up my playlist to have one running song and then one walking song (I’m one of those people who runs/walks to the beat of songs). Once my 10K was done, I realized that I had actually run up until the final kilometer, which was something I never did previously.

Man…if the “me” of five years ago could listen to the “me” of 2015, I can only imagine the eye-rolling that would take place.

Anyway…here is the vlog:

Trust me…if I can do this, YOU can do this!


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