Overcoming Tough Times

Hate MondaysThe last few weeks have been pretty tough on me. I’ve now been out of work for over two months and it’s starting to affect me. I mean…how could it not?

I haven’t lost any confidence in myself, which has always been an issue in the past with me whenever I was changing jobs and or careers. But when you make it to a second or third interview with a company on more than one occasion, you start to wonder why they don’t end up taking you in the end. It can affect your psyche a little bit. Or a lot.

Looking for a jobI haven’t received a ton of callbacks for job interviews, the few that I have turned into hopeful situations. Like I said, I made it past a first interview on more than one occasion. The problem though, is that the company has ended up going with somebody else each time.

That’s tough. It’s not an easy thing to go through. It’s hard not to take it personally, and it’s hard not to lose confidence in myself. So while that hasn’t been the case, I have ended up pretty stressed over the past couple of weeks.

Thankfully, this new blogging agreement with Goodlife Fitness has helped me get distracted in a very positive way. What I have found lately, though, is that I haven’t been relying on exercise as a way to deal with my stress.

Stress eatingWhile I am not eating sweets all of the time and I have continued to lose weight up until this past week, I have found that I am still using food as a way to deal with stress. Pastor, bread, bagels, pizza… I have been loading up on carbs instead of sweets. I can’t really explain why. For whatever reason, I find solace for stress in the arms of food.

I think it might be a way for me to self sabotage, as that is something I have always been prone to do. So where I have been doing extremely well in losing weight and exercising, I think I have been telling myself it is OK to “let go” when it comes to some of these foods.

The good news, though, is that I only took a few days to become aware of this situation. I know that I am doing it, and I know how to combat that.

Not having a job is the perfect time to create new habits. These habits have to be primarily dealing with exercise. If I am ever to change habits for good, Then I will never have a better opportunity than I do right now.

I need to stop being so stressed over this lack of work, I concentrate on myself. Better foods, smaller portions, more exercise, and continuing to search for new job opportunities on a daily basis.

Hope it snowsI could get a job tomorrow if I wanted. Thankfully, we are not in a position where I am that desperate… At least not yet. I’m 43 years old. I’m not looking for a job… I’m looking for a career. So I still have some time to find something that will make me happy.

My incredibly supportive wife is someone that I could not imagine going through this with that. Sure, she has moments where finances are major concern and she gets stressed out, as well. But at the end of the day, she supports me and is willing to go through some hardships in order for us to come out better on the other side.

I’m not sure where my life is heading right now. What I do know though, is that I will continue to make it a positive direction. I refuse to let the negativity seep into my brain. I’ve got an incredible family and an incredible support system with the online community.

How can I possibly fail?

Operation Cannot Possibly Fail


4 thoughts on “Overcoming Tough Times

    1. Thank you for this link. I’ve always had an addictive personality (primarily due to my recently-diagnosed ADHD). I always seem to find a certain food I love and then I’ll eat it non-stop until I get sick of it. I was a hardcore smoker for 15 years. I know I’ve got addiction issues…so I will absolutely read through this website. Thanks again for the link!

      1. Sounds like you are describing me (minus the ADHD, I think). Don’t let all the talk about God put you off (if that’s not your thing) if you think it might be something that will help you. I spent a lot of years going back and forth with whether I should go or not because I’m so anti-religion and wish I hadn’t wasted the time. It’s spiritual not religious. I’m very new to the program but let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

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