The Reminder

Last week, my wife said something to me after reading one of my blogs from that day. She reminded me that when I initially lost my job at the end of July and decided to start running, I would probably never have this opportunity again to concentrate on my fitness.

I would never again have the combination of time or opportunity or motivation. If I was going to ever get my body into shape, this would be the time.

It took that bit of a kick in the pants to help me realize that I was beginning to drift and lose focus. I needed that reminder to help me really look at myself and figure out what I wanted to do: regress or continue my forward momentum. 002

Then I received a huge confirmation this past Monday about a 3-month working relationship I’ll be having with GoodLife Fitness. This, as you would expect, includes a gym membership so now I’m even more motivated to get myself in the best shape of my entire life. 

I’ll be blogging about my journey both here and on my fitness blog: I Got Off The Couch. I’ll also be using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube to document the journey. At the end of the day, the primary lesson will be the yes…the struggle IS real. But if I can do it, anybody can do it. Begin Today


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