6 Life Hacks for Adults with ADHD

Every once in awhile, I’ll be contacted by someone who offers to write a post for my blog. Most of the time, the content won’t be relevant at all. Sometimes, it’s extremely relevant. In this case, Vee from My New Well wanted to write about Adult ADHD because her blog promotes health and wellness at every age and the topic is something that very important to me. I hope you enjoy this post and visit her blog.


Image via Pixabay by anisenior
Image via Pixabay by anisenior

Though it develops in childhood, many people aren’t diagnosed with ADHD until they reach adulthood. Both children and adults with ADHD face challenges in succeeding in school and work, getting along with others, and completing tasks.

ADHD treatment often includes medication, psychotherapy, or a combination of the two, and the combination of medication and therapy has been the most effective course of treatment. With proper treatment and a concerted effort, people with ADHD successfully manage their symptoms and lead happy, successful lives.

That said, there’s always room for making life a little easier. Here are a few life hacks for adults with ADHD:

  1. Reduce the clutterTake Control of Your Space. Distractions are all around, and people with ADHD need to take control of their space to limit them. Though this article provides tips for children with ADHD, its advice on reducing the clutter and getting organized in the home are valuable for adults, too. Categorize your items so that you can trash those that you don’t need, store those that aren’t necessary, and organize those that you use daily. Cutting down on clutter will cut down on your distractions and help you feel less overwhelmed.
  1. Food JournalStart a Food Journal. Some foods impact hyperactivity. Log your food intake and behavior, and you may just find a pattern about which foods affect you most. For example, certain additives, caffeine, or sugar may negatively impact your mood or behaviors. Discuss your findings with your doctor and work with them to eliminate harmful foods from your diet.
  1. You are not aloneInvolve Family in Treatment. Relationships are especially difficult for adults with ADHD. Couples counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy are two options for ADHD adults who want to strengthen or repair those relationships. Supportive partners also learn how to help with treatment, and relationship goals often are met more quickly and successfully when ADHD adults involve their family members and partners in the process.
  1. Apple slicesBreak Tasks Into Small Pieces. Rather than overwhelm yourself with large tasks or grow frustrated by an inability to complete or focus on tasks, ADHD adults should break large tasks into small chunks. Add deadlines to each small task piece to hold yourself accountable and to celebrate your success each time you complete a piece. Soon, the pieces will be completed and the whole task will be finished.
  1. Love your dogSpend More Quality Time with Your Pooch. This one might see a little odd, but hear me out! Studies show that our pets are great for our mental health—helping us fend off loneliness and depression with their unconditional love. For people with ADHD, they have these same effects while also providing beneficial opportunities for exercise and helping to establish an at-home routine based on their feeding and potty habits. So, if you’ve been putting off adopting an adorable mutt from your local shelter, now’s the time to do it.
  1. Become a Morning Person. By committing to getting up early, ADHD adults will find that they are able to accomplish more because the majority of people are up at night. You will be able to do what you need to do without distractions from people calling, emailing, or texting you. And, it tends to be quieter in the morning, which also cuts down on the distractions. You also will feel more positive throughout the rest of your day, because you were so productive in the morning.
  1. Apple Silver iPhone 6 Plus showing the home screen with iOS 8.Use the Power of Your Smartphone. Yes, smartphones can be incredibly distracting for people with ADHD. But, if you use it for good instead of evil (aka Facebook, cat videos, etc.), your smartphone will help you become more organized.

Utilize your calendar and set reminders. Use to-do list apps. Take screenshots of passwords. Include pictures of people with their contact information to help you remember their names. Text yourself about the really important things you need to remember so that you see them in your notifications. The possibilities for using your smartphone for remembering information and for staying on top of deadlines and tasks are nearly limitless.

If you make an effort to live successfully with your ADHD, involve your family and friends, and utilize the resources at your disposal, you will have a much easier time dealing with the condition. And of course, adopting these life hacks is a step in the right direction.


Vee Cecil is a Kentucky born and bred wellness coach and personal trainer. She is passionate about all things health-related and keeping others informed on personal wellbeing. She regularly shares her findings on wellness on her recently-launched blog.


My Son’s Netflix Inspired Halloween Costume

As a member of the Netflix Canada Stream Team, I was asked to show any of my children wearing a Netflix-inspired Halloween costume. This was extremely easy for me because my son is an extremely creative and inspired nine-year-old. He told me at the beginning of the month that he had not only come up with his Halloween costume, but had created his own “super hero” based on something we had watched together on Netflix.

Star Wars The Clone WarsBack in June, we watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I introduced the Star Wars universe to my son at a pretty young age (he was 3, if I remember correctly) because there was no bad language, no blood, and the violence was pretty cartoon-esque. Where we had watched all six movies repeatedly over the past six years, his love of the franchise was beginning to wane a little bit.

I knew that the new Star Wars movie was coming out in December, so introducing him to an extended “cannon” Star Wars universe meant that his love for everything Star Wars would be rekindled.

He came up with an idea all of his own for Jacob Future, which was a cross between a super-hero and a Jedi, wielding a lightsaber and using the Force for the purposes of good fighting against evil. Heck…he even came up with a back-story that included his wife, kids, and even GRANDKIDS. He invented a storyline for how he received his powers and who he fought his biggest battles against.

I took a number of photos as he prepared his costume for the days leading up to Halloween. He was super excited to look like a wolf (his favourite animal) who happened to be a Jedi. It’s weird, I know…but I was totally thrilled to know he was creating this all with his imagination. THAT is a very cool thing for a parent to experience.

After looking through some of the photos, I figured that I could do some photo editing to truly give him a sense of being a “Jedi super hero” from the Star Wars universe. We talked about the bad guys he wanted to face and I ended up with a couple of fun creations that he absolutely loved.

Take a look!

Jacob Future - Super Hero 3

Jacob Future - Super Hero 2

Did anything on Netflix inspire YOUR kids this year for Halloween?

GoodLife Fitness Vlog #4 – The Great 10K

I ran 10K on Monday morning and decided to do a little vlog to document the workout. As I looked back at the video yesterday, I was surprised at just how excited I was to have completed it.

I mean, when I have run 10 kilometers on my own around the city, I always end up walking home the final couple of kilometers when I initially set out to run. This time, though, I set up my playlist to have one running song and then one walking song (I’m one of those people who runs/walks to the beat of songs). Once my 10K was done, I realized that I had actually run up until the final kilometer, which was something I never did previously.

Man…if the “me” of five years ago could listen to the “me” of 2015, I can only imagine the eye-rolling that would take place.

Anyway…here is the vlog:

Trust me…if I can do this, YOU can do this!


Overcoming Tough Times

Hate MondaysThe last few weeks have been pretty tough on me. I’ve now been out of work for over two months and it’s starting to affect me. I mean…how could it not?

I haven’t lost any confidence in myself, which has always been an issue in the past with me whenever I was changing jobs and or careers. But when you make it to a second or third interview with a company on more than one occasion, you start to wonder why they don’t end up taking you in the end. It can affect your psyche a little bit. Or a lot.

Looking for a jobI haven’t received a ton of callbacks for job interviews, the few that I have turned into hopeful situations. Like I said, I made it past a first interview on more than one occasion. The problem though, is that the company has ended up going with somebody else each time.

That’s tough. It’s not an easy thing to go through. It’s hard not to take it personally, and it’s hard not to lose confidence in myself. So while that hasn’t been the case, I have ended up pretty stressed over the past couple of weeks.

Thankfully, this new blogging agreement with Goodlife Fitness has helped me get distracted in a very positive way. What I have found lately, though, is that I haven’t been relying on exercise as a way to deal with my stress.

Stress eatingWhile I am not eating sweets all of the time and I have continued to lose weight up until this past week, I have found that I am still using food as a way to deal with stress. Pastor, bread, bagels, pizza… I have been loading up on carbs instead of sweets. I can’t really explain why. For whatever reason, I find solace for stress in the arms of food.

I think it might be a way for me to self sabotage, as that is something I have always been prone to do. So where I have been doing extremely well in losing weight and exercising, I think I have been telling myself it is OK to “let go” when it comes to some of these foods.

The good news, though, is that I only took a few days to become aware of this situation. I know that I am doing it, and I know how to combat that.

Not having a job is the perfect time to create new habits. These habits have to be primarily dealing with exercise. If I am ever to change habits for good, Then I will never have a better opportunity than I do right now.

I need to stop being so stressed over this lack of work, I concentrate on myself. Better foods, smaller portions, more exercise, and continuing to search for new job opportunities on a daily basis.

Hope it snowsI could get a job tomorrow if I wanted. Thankfully, we are not in a position where I am that desperate… At least not yet. I’m 43 years old. I’m not looking for a job… I’m looking for a career. So I still have some time to find something that will make me happy.

My incredibly supportive wife is someone that I could not imagine going through this with that. Sure, she has moments where finances are major concern and she gets stressed out, as well. But at the end of the day, she supports me and is willing to go through some hardships in order for us to come out better on the other side.

I’m not sure where my life is heading right now. What I do know though, is that I will continue to make it a positive direction. I refuse to let the negativity seep into my brain. I’ve got an incredible family and an incredible support system with the online community.

How can I possibly fail?

Operation Cannot Possibly Fail

The LifeChanger Session

GoodLife LifeChangerToday I had an appointment with GoodLife Fitness to get a LifeChanger session. Just what IS a LifeChanger session?

Well, it’s something I booked an appointment for with a personal trainer. It was scheduled to be a one-hour session that lasted over 90 minutes where the following took place:

4 Pillars of HealthI was given a complete lifestyle assessment of my exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress management. I was asked a lot of questions by my personal trainer, Kareem. He gave me some great information and told me the stories of his own life, where he was 350 pounds but had lost over 150 pounds in the past two years thanks to GoodLife Fitness.

He helped me realize that my nutrition habits, though a LOT better than they were six months ago, could be a lot better. He emphasized the need for me to improve my amount of sleep to at least 7 hours per night. He said that if I can find ways to channel my stress from eating into working out, it will make all of the difference in the world. It really was an informative part of the session.

I received some vitality testing.  This part of the session included body composition, blood pressure, heart rate, air flow, and saliva testing for pH balance. There was good news and bad news with the results. 

The good news was that my blood pressure was pretty decent. It’s weird…with the stress that I go through and the weight that I have sitting around my waist, I’m a bit surprised that my blood pressure has always been good. Blood Pressure

The other good news was that my saliva testing for pH balance was good, as well. pH balance The bad news? Well…first of all my air flow is pretty bad. I mean, I was a hardcore smoker for 15 years so I guess I understand that. But between that and my weight, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see this result (which basically is that I’ve got the lung capacity of a 50-year old man): Air flow

Basically, this is something that I can improve dramatically as I lose weight and exercise. I can only imagine how bad I was when I was actually smoking or hitting my peak weight of 240lbs  before I began running. Wow. 

The other bad news wasn’t a surprise: the body composition. Body CompositionHaving 34% body fat is embarrassing. But having said that, I know where I currently stand and where I need to go. My ideal body fat range is 15%. While I’m not 100% convinced that I can ever hit that point, I think I would be extremely happy to reach 20% within the next year or two. I know losing weight won’t do the trick, because I can lose fat but still not gain muscle, but losing weight is the first goal and then I’ll worry about gaining muscle once I’ve reached a certain goal. 

With this information, I was given a functional movement workout that included core stretches, lunges, squats, and push/pull assessments. I didn’t do too badly and was given some great tips and pointers on how to make something as simple as a push-up work a lot harder for my body and my core. These were also things I can do at home, so it was very useful information.

Ultimately, I got a clear picture of my health status. I found out that even though I’m 43 years old, my body is a LOT older. Hell…even with a year of working out non-stop and losing 40+ pounds, I’ll STILL not have my body matching my actual age: Health AgeObviously, this is concerning. I knew that I wasn’t in the best shape, but I didn’t know it was this bad. Again…I can only imagine how bad my health was BEFORE I lost 20 pounds. If this isn’t motivation to continue on this path, I don’t know what is. 

LifeChanger StrategiesIn the end, I received a comprehensive plan to help me achieve my goals. You can’t look at the information in my “Strategies for Success” and not think this session wasn’t extremely helpful and informative. While I’m not in the financial position to continue with personal training, if you have the financial means then I cannot convey enough just how helpful and important a personal trainer can be for you…if you’re really motivated to completely change your body. As it stands, it’s going to be up to me to make the necessary changes and to stay motivated…so these strategies are going to really come in handy.

The LifeChanger software is exclusive to GoodLife Fitness, and as you can probably tell it’s extremely interesting and well worth the price to get completed (again…if you’re really motivated to make serious changes to your body). 

I now have a clear picture of my current lifestyle and health factors, learning things I didn’t know about myself and my body. This program has also gone to motivate and educate me and, as long as I use it properly, really has the power to change my life.


This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program, however all opinions expressed are my own.

GoodLife Fitness Vlog #2 – The LifeChanger Session

I’ve got a full blog post with details coming tomorrow, but I made an appointment with a personal trainer at GoodLife Fitness earlier this week to have a LifeChanger session with them. I had an idea of what to expect, but thought it would be interesting to convey my thoughts before and after the session was over.

Here is the Vlog…