Fighting the Frustration

I’ve now been out of work now for about two months.

I’ll be honest…the first month wasn’t too bad at all. It was August and I had a couple of interviews. It was almost like a paid vacation because I ended up getting six weeks’ severance from my previous employer (they liked me…just not THAT much to keep me employed). I was staying positive and confident in my abilities and my skills, something that I always had a tough time dealing with before my ADHD was diagnosed.

This past month, though, has been a little bit tougher. The girls went back to school so I was alone every day. The interviews didn’t result in any job offers and the phone hasn’t been ringing since. That’s been a little tough to handle…as it begins to eat away at your ego after awhile.

So now I’m officially collecting unemployment insurance and that’s even a bigger hit to my ego. I realize that I pay for it while I’m working and so it’s there to help me in situations like this, but it’s not something that I enjoy taking. I don’t want to sit home and collect money from the government…that’s NOT what I want to do with my life.

I really felt as though I was firing on all cylinders at one point, but right now I’m feeling as though my life has all come crashing down on me. At least sometimes.

Most of the time I’m doing my best to make sure that I don’t let negativity creep into my mind. It’s tough, though. All I can do is just keep myself busy and believe that I will come out on the other side of this experience in a much better position than I started two months ago.


One thought on “Fighting the Frustration

  1. Not sure what you’re looking for but TD Insurance is hiring a full time class for November. If you can handle Licensing and being in an awesome call centre environment let me know. Pension and benefits are perks.

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