Running Through The Pain – September 23

From the running diary…

I Got Off The Couch

On Monday I went out and decided to do something a little different. I made sure my music had only “running tunes” and I set-up the voice cues on my FitBit tracking app to only give me the distance and NOT give me any times. 

Y’see, I’ve been finding that I’ve been thinking more about the split times and the average pace times than concentrating on my running. So I don’t want to worry about times or whether or not I’m faster today than I was yesterday. 

The bottom line is that I want to just get out there and run. THAT’S the only important thing right now. Times and distances really don’t matter. I need to listen to my body and see what the end result is.

Monday saw my body really respond well and I ended up with the fastest times I can remember having! 09-21-2015 6-58 AMI can’t remember…

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