A Netflix Review: Project MC2

MC2 - 2So where I’ve been a member of the Netflix Canada “Stream Team” for a few months now, I’m always surprised by what they recommend we try for the family. This month, though, they provided us with TWO different shows; each one appealing to a slightly different audience.

MC2 - 3The one that my two stepdaughters wanted to try was called Project MC2, which was about four teenagers who are actually spies and show how girls can use their intelligence to save the world while still looking “cool” doing it, all without having to give up their individuality.

You read a description like that and you become intrigued. You read that to a couple of smart, young girls (10 and 12) and they are immediately interested in the premise and are keen to give it a shot. Heck, with a tagline like “Smart is the new cool”, how could they NOT be interested?

They gave the series four episodes to watch so they could really get into the characters and have a feeling for what the show was all about. I asked them what they thought about the show and this is what they said…

Kiddo (12 years old) – “I liked the whole ‘jive’ of the show, like…it was a pretty good show all together. “

Lil’ Mo (10- years old) – “I wasn’t such a fan of the show, but I can see why other girls may like it. It seemed like it was about how men weren’t supposed to save the day and stuff, but I felt as though it was still pretty ‘girly’ with the girls going shopping and always being on their phone and stuff. As if they couldn’t just be smart and cool…they had to be like other girls on TV.”

Kiddo “These girls are supposed to be able to do things for themselves, but they are still always ‘boy obsessed’ and are all “I’m gonna tweet this!” like other stereotypical high school girls. Maybe it wasn’t really for me and Mo because we’re not really into those things as much, but I could definitely see how other people might like it. I did like how the girls were still spies on their own, though, and the show was entertaining.”

Netflix appears to be “all in” with this particular show because there is even a doll line out of all four characters (one of which was sent to us by Netflix Canada).MC2 - 4

I think this show is great for kids, regardless of whether or not they’re a boy or a girl (although it’s geared towards the female audience). The message is fantastic and one that ALL young kids need to hear: it’s okay to be yourself and it’s cool to be smart!

How can I not recommend a show like this? Of course I recommend it! If you’ve got Netflix, give it a shot as the entire first season is now online. If you don’t have Netflix, what are you waiting for?MC2 - 1


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