Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad – August 28

The exercise is still ongoing…

I Got Off The Couch

No, I haven’t written anything in three days. Yes, I’ve been out two of those three days. So…giddy up!

After doing a 5K on Tuesday, I really didn’t think my shins could hold up to another run. They could, though, hold up to a walk…a LONG walk. So I set-up my playlist and ended up doing a “power walk” of over 10K! 08-26-2015 7-01 AMThere is definitely something satisfying about feeling my Fitbit vibrate on my wrist to let me know I’ve reached my daily goal of 10,000 steps BEFORE 8:30am!!

I took Thursday off. No real reason…I just wanted to take a day off and relax. Don’t judge me.

I was back out there this morning with another 5K run. I need to begin  pushing myself a little more with my runs, because I’m feeling stronger when I’m out there. My shins are still a little sore and so are my calves…

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