Throwback Thursday

Sometimes when I’m going through older pics, I stumble across similarities between myself and my kids. 

For example, the photo below shows me at about age 7-9 (I really don’t know) riding on a pony. Right below it is my son the Ankle Biter (age 7-8) riding on a pony. 

It’s funny…I have zero recollection of this photo, but I’m glad that I’ve got it. It’s nice to go back and see what my childhood was like, even if I don’t remember every little detail. That’s kind of the whole point with photographs to begin with, isn’t it?

And my son sometimes doesn’t remember places we went or things we did from last year, so he’ll never know what he did as a kid unless he sees the thousands of pictures I’ve taken over the years. 

It’s just funny how a couple of photographs like these can make you really think about how important it is to keep your memories and cherish them in any way you can.



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. And also cherish the physical photos by storing them wisely. Most of my childhood photos were lost in Hurricane Katrina when my mom’s house had 2 feet of water in it. (Her photo albums were on a bottom shelf.) After 10 years, its one of the thinks about Katrina that still makes me sad.

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