A Whole New World

Some of you may have noticed something different about me last week. I was posting to my running blog (I Got Off The Couch) every day over the past two weeks and the posts weren’t all coming in the morning. There was a reason for that…I am currently unemployed.

No hard feelings as you’ll never hear me say a bad thing about my former employer, but I will say that the position wasn’t a good fit for me and so now I’m on a search for a new career.

Because I’ve been taking 60mg of Vyvanse daily for the past two weeks, my entire outlook on life seems to have changed. I’ve taken this new experience with a very positive point of view and am using it as a way to improve my life.

Y’see, my Adult ADHD medication has affected me in such a positive way (more on that tomorrow) that I haven’t been as upset as I probably should be about losing my job. I’ve applied for a number of jobs and realize that my work experience and resume are a lot better than I thought they were. I’ve got a newfound confidence and I’m looking forward to future challenges.

I’ve been embracing my new “summer vacation” by trying to make the most of my time. I have a daily routine that has been working well for me.

  • 08-01-2015 7-38 AMIn the morning, I go out for a run or a walk. I’ve gone anywhere from 3 kilometers to 10 kilometers, regardless of weather or temperature. I’ve realized that I’ll probably never have the opportunity again to hit the pavement without any time restraints on a daily basis, so I’m going further and harder than I ever have before. And the crazy thing is that I’m actually enjoying it! While I’m still not in the best shape (my times were better last year than they have been this year), I’m improving all  the time and that’s the most important thing. I’ve also lost over 10 pounds within the past month. This has come from a combination of eating less and exercising more, so it really is an exciting time because my self-confidence is building in a way I don’t remember ever having before.
  • Mid-morning, I’ll relax and write or partake in one of my newest relaxation activities: colouring. Yes…you read that correctly. A few weeks ago my wife purchased an “adult colouring book” as she heard that it was a great way to relax and unplug. After watching her for a week, I decided to give it a try and purchased an adult colouring book last week. Needless to say, I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s much more relaxing than playing video games or juggling my laptop, iPhone, and iPad all at the same time. I can listen to music and partake in conversations because it’s not really that distracting for me. If you had told me a few months ago that I would be colouring on a daily basis and enjoying it, I would have laughed right in your face. Here are pics of some of the completed projects so far…

013 010 008 006

  • Career BeaconOnce I eat lunch, I tackle the job search in the afternoon. I have a number of sites that I’m visiting and because I have a pretty varied background, the types of jobs that I’m applying for are different and interesting. Three years ago when I moved to Halifax, I felt as though I didn’t have much of a background to work with. This time around, however, my most recent job has given me the resume and the experience to earn the type of job I want to get. When I’m searching, it’s not a depressing thing. I’m looking with confidence and excitement about what my next move could be.

When I lost my job a couple of years ago, I was in the middle of a depressive state that affected me in the most negative of ways. I ended up getting this fantastic job that my Adult ADHD ended up affecting in a very negative way. This time, though, I feel as though I’ve got my life together and things are moving in an extremely positive direction for me. I’m saddened that it didn’t happen for me sooner, but at the end of the day it happened…so I just need to look at my life now and where it could go.

The possibilities truly are endless.


4 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. Great to have found your blog! I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD at the ripe age of 40, and I could use all the information I can get my hands on. I too am unemployed at the moment, and have been doing a lot of yoga, writing, and coloring in my adult coloring book. All good stress relievers. Just want to wish you the best of luck on your journey!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I could go ahead and blame my ADHD for why I lost my job, but all I can concentrate on is the here and now…and right now the medication seems to be working so I’m really looking forward to seeing how my life progresses on a go-forward basis.

      1. I definitely blame my ADHD for my job loss. I’m always the one who’s quit. I’ve realized after 20 years in the workplace that a desk job is definitely not the way to go for someone with my energy. 🙂

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