Throwback Thursday

I attended my first Adult ADHD group last night. I’ll write more on that later, but one of the things that was discussed was how education was affected by the disorder.

Y’see, my form of ADHD makes it extremely hard to read and process and remember. I could read two paragraphs and then think…what did I just read? I can’t pay attention to a class lecture because my brain in running in a million different directions and the lecture isn’t stimulating it. I would never be able to study in the days leading up to a test or an exam; I always had to cram the night before to ensure I’d remember it the next day.

I was a 75 average student in high school. I flunked out of TWO different universities before getting my act together. I went to the Nova Scotia Community College in 1995 and was truly inspired. The course was “Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship” and the facilitator decided the purpose of the class would be for everybody to create their own business from scratch, from the concept to the bank loan for the idea to become reality to inventory and staffing costs. 

I ended up graduating at the top of the class that year. I was so motivated that my brain was stimulated on a daily basis. And thankfully, it also helped me get back into university the next year so I could finally start that final push to get my degree.

So this week’s #ThrowbackThursday is a photo from my college graduation, circa 1995. I need to remember this photo because it proves I can do it. It’s not a matter of ability, it’s a brain chemical imbalance that has caused so many issues throughout my life. This is a reminder of what I’m capable of.017


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