Why So Difficult?

WhyWhy does everything have to be so difficult?

I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon at 2pm. I was there a few minutes early, thinking it probably wasn’t the best idea but I was anxious to get this taken care of.  The doctor didn’t show up until 2:15pm. There were already four of us waiting for him.

Thankfully, I was the first one.

I spoke to him for all of 30 seconds. He said that the hand-written note that my psychologist had given me wasn’t good enough for him to be able to write out a prescription for a controlled substance.

My stomach absolutely sank.

So he wrote down what he needed on a post-it and said that my psychologist would have to fax him a written report with the final diagnosis on it. I mean, I understood that he couldn’t just take my word for it, but if that was the case then why didn’t my psychologist know to do that initially?

I jumped in the car and drove to my psychologist’s office. I got inside and spoke to the assistant at the front desk. She said that she had literally just placed the document in the mail yesterday morning.

My stomach sank once again.

So I asked her to fax the document anyway and I would try to get a new appointment with my doctor. As it turns out, I’m going back to see him this afternoon at 4pm. But really…at this point with my luck the fax will get lost somehow and this will all get messed-up again.

Why is this such a difficult, complicated process? I mean, mental health has been receiving a ton of attention lately but (a) getting treatment for it is extremely expensive and (b) you end up getting bounced back and forth between different people .

I just want to get help. Now that I know what the problem is and that medication could greatly benefit me, I want to get the help I need and start living life the way I was always supposed to.


One thought on “Why So Difficult?

  1. I know that this is very frustrating…and rightly so.

    As I said to you yesterday, though, the good news is that you’re well enough, and seeing things clearly enough, to continue pursuing treatment regardless of how difficult it is. Not everyone is so fortunate.

    Plus…y’know…you have a pretty dang good support system. 😉

    We’ll get through this. It make take some time and effort, but we’ll do it.

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