Anchors Above Zipline

Sunshine was going through some Groupons when she noticed one in particular and was hit with a pretty good idea: get a family-discount pass to go ziplining with the kids!

Let me back up just a little bit first…

One a weekend where both Sunshine and I were with our kids, she had asked the girls if they had a “Summer Bucket List” of things that they wanted to do this summer. Near the top of their list was to go ziplining, something they had never had the opportunity to do before. So when the opportunity came up in the form of a Groupon from Anchors Above Zipline, she wanted to jump on the idea. The only question was whether or not my son would want to join us.

I asked my ex-wife what she thought about the situation (her opinion is very valuable to me when it comes to raising our son). She said that he had seen it on television and had mentioned wanting to try it. It seemed like a win-win situation, so Sunshine and I purchased the tickets and arranged a date for me to bring Ankle Biter to Halifax for the weekend so we could all do it together.

And because we’re sneaky…we didn’t tell the kids ahead of time. They had no idea where we were going or why, so as we hit the highway we told them and they FREAKED OUT. They were so excited that they didn’t know what to do with themselves.

We arrived at Anchors Above and, thankfully, it wasn’t very busy. We walked in, signed the waivers, and began preparing for the fun to begin!

Ziplining kidsSunshine was really excited about going, but with my fear of heights I wasn’t quite as keen…

Ziplining?So we walked up through the woods to the first of two ziplines. The walk up the side of the hill was pretty steep and, in all honesty, I was actually a little tired before we even had done anything. The kids, though, were super stoked and couldn’t wait to get started.

Let's get started!My nerves were wound up pretty tight, but I was prepared for the thrill ahead of me. I mean heck…I had done this just three years earlier, so what else had changed? Let’s do this! Pre-zipline selfie

The first zipline wasn’t really very steep, but it was long and very high up. Because of this, they hooked up the two girls together so that their weight would ensure they’d make it across to the other side without any issues. Getting hooked upBecause my son is only 53 pounds, they hooked him up with me. We were REALLY excited to be able to do this together, even though I think I may have been more nervous than he was. 004Getting preppedFather & son!

As expected, we all made it across to the other side without any issues. Ankle Biter had tears in his eyes and I couldn’t figure out if they were because of the wind or because he was scared of the experience. He told me it was because he was just so excited about it all he got tears in his eyes. How awesome is that?

We then walked a little bit to the second and final zipline. This one was a lot steeper than the first one, so each of us would be able to go solo. The view from above006The girls went first and were super excited about everything. They did a fantastic job and helped motivate Ankle Biter to do this on his own. If you watch the video below closely, you’ll be able to see him let go of the ropes when he turns around and even give me the “thumbs up” before fading from view (something he saw Kiddo do previously). I was super proud of him because, quite frankly, I don’t know if I could have done the same thing when I was his age.

After everybody had gone down, it was then my turn. I knew that things might go a little faster than normal because of my weight, but I just shrugged and said WTH? Thankfully, Sunshine was able to document the occasion.Comin' in fast! (TWSS)

So when all was said and done, all of us had smiles a mile wide and, as a blended family, had gone out and done something incredibly fun that we may never get a chance to do again together. It was something that Sunshine and I don’t take for granted, either. As the kids get older, the opportunities for all of us to do things like this together will get fewer and farther between, so we need to cherish the times that we get.

This was definitely a day I’ll not forget any time soon.


2 thoughts on “Anchors Above Zipline

  1. EEEeeeekkk! I went zip-lining in Quebec and was terrified out of my mind. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole time singing Amazing Grace (I’m not religious) and trying not to faint or pee my pants. You survived though! Well done!

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