A Depression Update, Afternoon Delights, & a 10K

I’ve been asked about where I’m at in life after my last update. For those needing a quick recap, I found out that I was clinically depressed back in December. That diagnosis started me on anti-depressants (Venlafaxine) and things progressively got a LOT better in my life.

But Sunshine noticed that I still wasn’t 100%. There were still things that were “off” with me. She did a little searching online and found something that we both believe may be the root cause of EVERYTHING.

But I didn’t want to assume or jump ahead. I had my first meeting with a psychologist about two weeks ago and spilled as much information about myself as I could in a 50-minute session. Because of this new “thing” that Sunshine and I diagnosed “amateurly”, I was brought back last week to do some online testing and fill out some personality questionnaires. I go back later today to see if I am what I think I am. If that’s the case, my world may change.

Really cryptic, I know…but this could be a massive breakthrough for me.

In terms of my relationship with Sunshine, things are going really well. Are they perfect? No, but they are certainly on their way to a really good place. We’re laughing almost every single day and are doing what we can to spend time together away from the couch. It doesn’t always happen, but we’re trying…and that’s all that matters right now.

One of the drawbacks of anti-depressants is that it affects a man’s performance in the bedroom. Without going into too much detail, my medication prevents me from “reaching the finish line”. It also decreases sexual desire, which REALLY sucks.

It’s gotten to the point where I’m picking certain days where I don’t actually take the medication so that we can be intimate later in the evening. Most times that works and does the trick. It probably isn’t the best thing for my body, though…as skipping a day here and there on a regular basis might limit the effectiveness of the drugs. But being intimate with my beautiful wife is extremely important to me, so I guess certain sacrifices must be made.

Another side effect of the medication is an increased appetite and weight gain. Over the first month or two on the anti-depressants, I ended up gaining about 10 pounds. I’ve been holding steady and battling that weight gain ever since, but I feel like I’m doing well to fight it.

I’ve been running again on a regular basis. In fact, With the exception of yesterday morning and last Saturday morning, I’ve been outside either running or walking every single morning. I ran 5K twice in two weeks and decided that this past Sunday would see me actually attempt a 10K.

10K done! Can't wait to do it again! #CouchTo10K #fitness

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I did a 10K last year (twice!), but I was in a lot better shape and had been running for months. I’ve only really running for a few weeks now, but my body seems to be agreeing with what I’m doing. So I actually completed a 10K in just under 90 minutes…an achievement that really gives me hope that I can do a half-marathon by September.

So all-in-all, my life is busy. Heck, my life has more than its fair share of ups and downs. Thankfully, a lot of it seems to be progressing upward at the moment. You gotta love forward momentum.


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