It’s Only Getting Better

This past weekend was a really great weekend. It was one of those weekends where I’ll one day look back on pictures and say, “Yeah…that was really special.”

Fun in the back seatIt started on Friday when I picked up my son, Ankle Biter, and drove him to Halifax. We had supper together at McDonalds first, then jumped in the car for a 2.5 hour drive. He’s normally really good in the backseat. He plays his iPod or looks out the window, daydreaming about whatever it is he daydreams about. I try to play music I know he likes because I know it can be boring after awhile in the backseat of a car. He never complains, though…he’s awesome like that.

It was 9pm by the time we got home so Sunshine and I let him hang out with the girls (Kiddo & Lil’ Mo) for a little bit before sending them off to bed. After pancakes the next morning, we hit up a new local farmers’ market before visiting Pebbles at 11am.

The hedgehogThe girls get to see Pebbles on a semi-regular basis. Ankle Biter hadn’t seen his older half-sister since our wedding a year and a half ago. Needless to say, the two siblings were quite excited to see each other.

We hung out at a DQ and Pebbles brought along her pet hedgehog for all of us to swoon over. It was at this point that she said that she didn’t have any plans for the afternoon. I immediately asked her if she wanted to hang out with Ankle Biter and I as we were going ot the local museum while the girls went to a birthday party. She said “YES!” and we arranged to meet-up later.

002So here I was…with my oldest and my youngest…and we were at the Museum of Natural History, checking out the traveling dinosaur exhibit and “woodland creatures” exhibits. It was so much fun…just watching the two of them getting along (despite their 9-year age difference) and then laughing and talking with me…I felt like a million dollars. Obviously, I would have loved to see my middle child there, too (i.e. Rugrat), but this was something really special.

Once we were done, we went for a quick mid-afternoon snack so we could chat some more and hang out. It truly was a magical afternoon for me.

Ankle Biter in his WWE t-shirtWe said our goodbyes to Pebbles and head back home to meet the girls for supper. I BBQ’d some burgers before taking Ankle Biter to a WWE Live Event (his first live wrestling show).

I know it may seem silly to some, but this was an incredible bonding event for the two of us. I’m a life-long fan and since introducing him to the “sport”, he’s fallen in love with it, too. And because we’re now in a PG-rated era, it’s safe for kids of his age to watch. We had a GREAT time.  We laughed, we chanted, we clapped…it really was a lot of fun. Half of my fun was watching HIM have fun.

Point Pleasant ParkOn Sunday, Sunshine and I dragged the stepdaughters and Ankle Biter to a local park that used to be a naval base. Hey had a wonderful time in the sun, running around and playing games. It was nice to get outside and spend time together as a family.

I had to drive him 2 ½ hours back to his mom that afternoon, so we left by 2pm. On the way there, I reminded him that the new Avengers movie opened. He was super-excited to see it. I told him that if he wanted to see it, his mom could totally take him so he didn’t have to wait two weeks. He shrugged that off and said that he wanted to see it with me and would gladly wait the two weeks.

THIS is the type of relationship I never had with my dad and we lived under the same damn roof! I’m so glad that I’m being able to experience fatherhood like this. Who would have thought that life truly would get better with age?


4 thoughts on “It’s Only Getting Better

  1. I’ve probably said this before…. but it’s always inspiring reading stuff like this. In some ways, our lives run a lot of parallels, so I smile whenever I read that things are turning out so well for you and your family.

  2. Hooray! Love living this vicariously through the blog post. Congrats on a wonderful weekend and awesome relationships with your kids.

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