Returning To Form

I know I’ve been MIA for a week, but last week I got hit by a cold: HARD. I was feeling good on Sunday morning, having completed Week 3: Day 1 of the Couch-to-5K app. On Sunday evening, though, I felt my throat getting sore. Sure enough, I woke up on Monday morning like a Mack truck had run me over.

I didn’t go to work on Monday, but wasn’t able to rest much as I worked from home. I was coughing and hacking and sneezing and everything seemed to be non-stop pretty much all day.

I didn’t go to work on Tuesday, either. My youngest stepdaughter, Lil’ Mo, was also sick so we stayed home together. She sat on one side of the couch and watched movies while I sat on the other side of the couch doing more work (thank goodness I can work remotely when I’m not in the office).

On Wednesday, I dragged my sorry butt to work. For whatever reason, I felt nauseated around 11am and rushed to the restroom. Thankfully, the janitor had just finished cleaning as my head hit the bowl. SIX TIMES. Unbelieveable. When I walked back to the office, between throwing up and my non-stop coughing for three days I had pain in muscles I didn’t even know I had.

I was pretty much shot for the rest of the week. No running…no blogging…nothing.

Yesterday I tried to re-do my Week 3: Day 1 exercise, but had to stop halfway through the workout after my 3-minute stretch because I was coughing and hacking so much. I walked back to the house dejected as I realized that I wasn’t as healthy as I hoped I was.

Still battling… #CouchTo5K #fitness

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But that’s not going to stop me. I plan on going out every single morning that I can. When I’m not running, I want to go walking. I need to step up my game here…and the only way to do that is to actually do something and not simply wait to feel better.

My weight is now at 241lbs, so I’ve still got a very long way to go (last week’s inactivity certainly didn’t help). Instead of getting dejected and depressed about my inability to run the way I want to or losing weight like they appear to do on TV, I’m just going to take a deep breath and keep on truckin’ on.

No one is in charge of your happiness except you


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