Wasted Talents?

On Tuesday I was sent a message from my daughter in Ontario (Rugrat). She had sent me a great pic of some art that she had designed herself. I love looking at her artwork.

Y’see, Rugrat is a really good artist and has been for awhile now. She had dreams of going to art college after high school (she’s 16 and graduates next year), but has now changed her mind. She still loves to draw and the photo below is from a glass pen that Sunshine and I gave her for Christmas.

Rugrat art

She doesn’t want to go to art college anymore. She doesn’t like being told what to draw and thinks she wouldn’t enjoy herself. She only draws animé and pretty much refuses to do anything else.

She now wants to become a hair stylist; not so much someone who works at the local Super Cuts, but someone who designs hair and does whatever styles she wants to do.

I’ll support her in whatever she wants to do, but it almost seems a shame to see her waste her artistic talents.


3 thoughts on “Wasted Talents?

  1. It’s tough watching someone take a different path than planned, especially when you worry about the reasons behind the change of heart. She still has a while to make any kind of big decisions about her life, and even if she does start down one particular path, it doesn’t mean she can’t later still go in another direction. She’s still very young.

    The best thing that you (and we) can do is support her, and help her to see things from many different angles, and then give her the space to try and figure the rest out on her own. One of the toughest things as a parent, I think, is to give our kids the space to find their own way in life. xo

  2. What Sunshine said. We put a lot of pressure on our kids to know what they want to do. We’re keenly aware of their personality types and talents plus we have our own life experience and wasted talents. Still, we turned out okay and they will too. They need to experience life to understand what’s important and what they really want.

    P.S. Remind me of this when my own daughters are going out on their own.


  3. They don’t tell you what to draw in art college per say, they challenge you to push yourself in new directions, try new thinks, ect but you always get to make it your own. I went to school for Graphic Design and took as few fine art classes during. It was fun but I always picked what the end product looking like. Now graphic design on the other hand is all about doing what your told.

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