Why Do I Love Entertainment So Much?

As you may know by reading my blog over the past five+ years, I’m a big fan of all things “entertainment”.  I’ve written about movies and television series and music and celebrities numerous times. It was only last week that I realized why.

National EnquirerWhile listening to the local morning radio show, Sunshine and I overheard the hosts talk about how their parents used to read The National Enquirer when they were younger. I’m said, “My mom used to buy the National Enquirer and Star Magazine every single week.”

Sunshine replied with, “Well now you know why you’re so crazy about entertainment.”

I had never really thought about it before, but she was right (she loves hearing me say that, too). Finally, at 42 years of age I realized why I was so bloody interested in all things Hollywood when I have zero connection to the entertainment business at all: my mom!

feedlyI mean, my feedly playlist has some sports and local news and blogs thrown in for good measure. But it’s almost 75% entertainment stuff from Buzzfeed or Screen Rant or WWTDD or TMZ. I used to watch shows like Entertainment Tonight religiously when I was younger (i.e. pre-internet). Now it all makes sense.

It’s silly, really. I guess that makes me no better than the ladies that gather around my aunt’s table to gossip about the people of my hometown, only it’s me interested in the gossip of celebrities and people I don’t know at all.

Hey…there are certainly worse things that could have been passed down to me from my mom.   🙂


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