Date Nights

CBG & SunshineIt’s weird…when I lived 2.5 hours away from Sunshine, we would get together and try to spend every waking minute living life to its fullest and never let a moment pass us by. Once we got married, everything changed.

Admittedly, the majority of the reason for that was me and my depression. We talked about going out on dates but never did. I was more interested in lounging on the couch watching TV than going out for a meal with my awesome wife while we laughed and talked.

Thankfully, my life has changed around tremendously since going on anti-depressants. One of the things that we both promised each other was that we would set aside some money in our monthly budget to go out on dates. It didn’t have to be anything big…but we needed to get out of the house and do SOMETHING.

007We’ve gone out for coffee at Starbucks. We’ve had some amazing burgers at Jack Astor’s and some decent burgers at Flip Burger. We’ve had “ghetto meals” (i.e. cheap meals) at Wendy’s. We’ve had ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery. We’re going to catch Insurgent this weekend. Regardless of what we do, the most important thing is that we’ve actually gone out together.

To me, this has done wonders for us as a couple. We don’t feel like we’re stuck in a rut every night. Sure, we still have nights on the couch and we still have nights when we’re running around doing errands. But going out on a date on a regular basis (usually once every two weeks) has really made us feel like we’re getting back to us as a couple; not just two people living together.

003I’m far from the expert to be telling you how to improve your marriage, but all I can say is that this has worked for me and Sunshine. Just taking time away from the kids to spend on each other can make a world of difference. No work, no kids, no unnecessary distractions or interruptions. Just two people in love enjoying each other’s company.

You wouldn’t think it’s necessary, but it is. Life can pass you by quick; sometimes you just need to stop long enough to enjoy the moment.


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