Throwback Thursday

Back in the late 70’s, my family went on a trip to Florida for vacation. Obviously, we did the whole “Disney thing”, but we also visited a place that wasn’t nearly as controversial then as it is today: SeaWorld Orlando. It’s weird…I thought that this photo was originally taken at Cypress Gardens because they were famous for their water-skiing shows, but thankfully YouTube and my friend Mike helped me find the error of my ways:

While I vaguely remember being there at all, I vaguely recall getting the photo taken below. The DC superheroes were on the beach of the lake taking photos with the kids. I was pretty stoked to get one taken with Batman and Wonder Woman. As noted on my personal Facebook page, Wonder Woman looked pretty conservative with the long sleeves and all. 

Shortly after the photos were taken with the kids, the heroes ran down the beach and waved to the fans in the audience, before hooking up to their water-skis and performing stunts in front of everybody.


So this is my Throwback Thursday for today. Insane to think that this was considered fantastic entertainment at one point.



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