Owing What I’ve Already Paid

I’m in a bit of a situation with the government and it’s getting a little bit frustrating. Something that should be easily fixed is becoming quite the hassle to correct.

Here’s the deal…

When I moved to be with Sunshine in September, 2012, I started working for a job that didn’t accommodate my wanting to voluntarily garnish my wages in order to pay child support. So basically, my old job directly removed child support from my paycheques and sent payments to the government. It was a hassle for my ex because she wouldn’t get payments immediately, but everything was taken care of and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

The job I initially took in Halifax didn’t do that, so the ex and I agreed that I would send payments directly through my bank account every payday. I had all of my documents packed away so my ex said that she would contact maintenance enforcement to let them know what I was doing (big mistake, looking back now).

So between the old job and the new job, sending payments every two weeks became habit and I continued to pay child support directly that way.

Tax time came around last year and I didn’t get my refund because money was owed for maintenance. I asked my ex to please contact them and explain that everything was fine. She claimed to have tried on more than one occasion to do that but was asked to jump through hoops. My last communication on the subject had her waiting to hear back from somebody.

Two weeks ago I received a letter in the mail that said I owed thousands (!!!) in child support. Obviously, I knew that wasn’t true but I was still pretty upset that this had now become “a thing”. It’s now definitely affecting my credit report and the government thinks I’m a deadbeat dad. That sucks because I’ve ALWAYS paid my child support.

The letter, thankfully, had my maintenance officer’s name and my case ID number. So I called the number and got a voice mail. She returned a voice mail while I was working at the office and so I called back again…voice mail. She called back while I was working again and, again, she left a voice mail. I called her AGAIN…voice mail.

So yes…this is now an extremely frustrating situation. I’ve explained in my voice mails that I can prove I’ve been paying all along; just let me know who I can email or fax the information to. I even gave my ex’s phone number so they could call her directly to confirm.

Instead, I get a message asking me to call her back directly with no other information provided. It’s a very frustrating situation, to say the least.

I’m sure many single moms out there have more than their fair share of stories about not getting child support at all, so maybe this story doesn’t mean much. But for a dad who happily pays for his children and would do anything for them, this situation sucks.

So now I wait. Again. And call. Again. And get a voice mail. AGAIN.



4 thoughts on “Owing What I’ve Already Paid

    1. I did, to a certain degree. I finally spoke with Maintenance Enforcement and gave her all of the financial transactions. She scolded me for not doing it through them and paying on my own, but said that she’d get back to me once she spoke with my ex. That was a week ago. Still waiting.

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