Throwback Thursday

That time I got to stand in front of the FBI building in Washington, DC.

Whenever I go on a business trip, I do my best to get there the day before the meeting. One, it just makes sense to ensure weather doesn’t ruin plans or flights. Two, I love to tour the area I’m visiting with a little bit of a buffer.

Well…a few years ago I was visiting my old company’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. Because they were all-day meetings, I had to get there the day before they started. And if I’m going there the day before, I might as well fly in early and spend the entire day…RIGHT??

I absolutely loved Washington, DC (which is where I flew into). It’s an incredible city rich with history and beauty.

As I walked through the streets, I just happened to realize that I was standing next to the J. Edgar Hoover Building, which is the home of the FBI. Obviously, this was a photo op I just couldn’t pass up.

Throwback Thursday


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