Changing Medication…Again

So I went to the doctor’s office last week and told him, flat out, that this new medication wasn’t working for me. It was helping in one area but I was falling victim to the side effects of others (i.e. gaining 10 pounds in two weeks, sleeping 9+ hours per night and waking up still tired). I just felt terrible and wanted to either try something else or go back to the original medication.

My doctor said that all other medications would have a similar effect to the original one I took, so we agreed that I would go back to that. I mean, with one exception things seemed to be working out really well so why not give it another shot?

I started off on a single dosage for the first three days, then switched to double dosage until my next check-up on the 21st, then if things are going well we’ll go to a triple dosage and stay there. I asked if I needed to take the double dosage separately (i.e. morning and evening) but he said no, so I doubled up during my meal. I ended up having two very late nights due to insomnia (one of the side effects) but otherwise felt pretty good. And what’s more, when I woke up in the morning after only 5 or 6 hours of sleep, I felt refreshed.

Now I still have to deal with the other side effects, but they should dissipate over time. I’m already looking forward to becoming a better ME again.

“I didn’t know I was broken ’til I wanted to change.”  


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